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    Hi, just got a Super Porpoise

    Update on those cockpit drains. I now know why they are in two pieces, sleeved together. There is a lot of flex in the cockpit floor and the movement makes it impossible for the one-piece rigid tubes in my boat to remain sealed at both ends. I'm either going to open it up, cut out the middle...
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    WANTED: Super Porpoise Sail

    That pretty much covers it. Trying to get this old boat going and the original sail ripped to shreds in 3 kts of wind on the trial run. Thanks, Marty Canandaigua, NY
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    Hi, just got a Super Porpoise

    OK, I pulled the 'scoops' off the bottom. They look like Perko clam shell ventilators. No fancy reservoirs for me. They are each just covering the end of a flared tube that runs directly from the aft corners of the cockpit straight down and through the hull. It seems that if I can free both...
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    Hi, just got a Super Porpoise

    Could someone with an inspection port please show me how those cockpit drain tubes are set up inside the hull? I just got my hands on a Super Porpoise and the only apparent problem is that those drains are sitting a little high in the cockpit floor and the seal is broken. Previous owner gobbed...