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    year of Sunfish

    Wavedancer, Thank you very much for your help. How will weighing the hulls help?
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    year of Sunfish

    Thank you very much for your help.
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    year of Sunfish

    Luckey me......I have my choice of owning a 1981 Alcort Sunfish or a 2002 Racing Sunfish. Some people have told me that the older(Alcort) Sunfish sailboats are better. Can anyone help me with this deciscision....? Thank you in advance. Rick
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    Sunfish sail from China

    I recently bought a new Sunfish sail on E-Bay. It was desccribed as a "one of a kind factory issued Sunfish sail with an official Sunfish seal on it". When I received it - it has a "made in China" tag on it. Does anyone know if this is indeed a "factory issued Sunfish Sail..?
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    Used Raceing Sail

    I'm interested please send a picture to
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    Vanguard sunfish 2004

    Is your Sunfish still available?
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    2008 sunfish for sale *mint condition

    david, is you sunfish still available...?