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    North Genoa for sale

    This genoa along with a few others in various shape are for sale.
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    North Genoa for sale

    Yes it is
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    USA 216 For Sale

    USA 216 is for sale. Prefer for the boat to stay local but willing to let go for the right price. USA 216 is a 1978 J/24 which has been meticulously maintained. The boat has had the deck modified from the original 1978 double sliding hatches. The traveler and traveler bar have been replace with...
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    USA 408 for sale

    Hull 408 is for sale in Miami. Comes with everything to put it together except toe rails. The boat is fully stripped to the original gelcoat and ready for paint. The main hatch has been converted. I was going to fully refinish the boat and use it as a loaner in Miami but just don't have the time...
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    North Genoa for sale

    North Genoa DX-7TT 2017 List price $2585.00 - Delivered 2/2017, Three Regattas All light air - $1700.00 Plus shipping. Always rolled and kept in Air Conditioning. PM For pictures
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    Laser Vang (new style) and new Deck Plate for Cunningham and outhaul

    Laser New Style Harken Vang - $225.00 Outhaul and Cunningham Cleat base with Harken Cleats - $100.00
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    Regatta Logistics

    Hello J/24 Sailors, If you are interested in heading south for the winter there will be plenty of sailing to do in Florida all winter. Starting with the Kings Day Regatta in Jacksonville, then the St. Pete NOOD regatta in February, The Midwinters in Miami in March, then head north to Columbia...
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    Charlotte email me at

    Charlotte email me at
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    Used Sails

    2007 Genoa is still available 350.00 2014 Dieball is still available 1400.00 2012 North FR-2 Still available
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    2012 Rudder

    Did you sell this Rudder?
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    WTB: Rudder

    Nancy Do you still have that rudder?
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    8 Sails, Faired Rudder, Rigging and More

    Do you have pictures of the rudder? How old? Do you also have a keel cover in the photo for sale?
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    Your used Genoa?

    Jason, I just sent you about six photos.
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    Your used Genoa?

    I have a very nice Pentax Genoa. Used 4 times. asking was $1200. Let me know and I can send you pics.
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    Wanted: Barient 10 Winch

    Josh, I think I have two that I would be willing to sell, if you are still looking?