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    Any Chesapeake 14.2 sailor here?

    Bob, I am still waiting on the paperwork (registration, title & license) for my boat and trailer to come back from the state of VA. I hesitate to pull it out of state with just the temporary documentation. It has been kind of frustrating because I bought the boat in May and for some reason...
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    Vang Hardware

    That looks like the vang that came with my boat too. Bought it used earlier this summer. This is the first boat I've sailed that hav a vang and I haven't really figured out how to use it yet. I've just been taking the slack out of the line and forgetting it. Maybe I hven't been out in strong...
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    Any Chesapeake 14.2 sailor here?

    I am not exactly sailing the Chesapeake Bay, my wife and I sail our 14.2 out of Leesylvania State Park, VA, on the Potomac river. But you are the only other 14.2 boats I've heard of that are even remotely close to me. I bought my (used) 14.2 earlier this year and have had it out 4 times now...
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    Sailing Books

    I found this book to be very helpful for beginners. "Sports Illustrated Small Boat Sailing, A Complete Guide" by David and Brad Dellenbaugh. 1990, Time Inc., ISBN 0-452-26272-0. The bood assumes the reader knows nothing about sailing and covers the basics needed to get going. It was a lot of...
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    jib coming off line.

    My wife and I are new to sailing the Catalina 14.2 aslo. Bought a used, 1986, boat and took it out for the second time yesterday. Our first time out, last week, we experienced problems with the jib staying on the forstay also. Yesterday, as a quix fix, I put a small piece of riging tape...