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    cutting cutting cutting

    Yeah, I've been wondering about this myself. Maybe old bicycles are a better analogy, since like boats they fall somewhere in both the categories of sporting goods and toys. An old racing bike is not, in general, worth as much as a new one; but a high end racing bike in original condition is...
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    Need help dating Sunfish

    The number stamped on the rudder base is the serial number, and it's a very early one. Fiberglass Super Sailfish MK II was introduced in 1959, so what you have would probably be considered "model year 1959." Your sail, with a sunfish on it, is not original. The original sail had a sailfish...
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    Super Sailfish MKII Inspection ports

    I'm no expert, since I only just got my Sailfish (fiberglass, early 60's as far as I can tell) on Thursday. But my deck, the area where I sit when sailing, has about an inch of give.