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    Christmas time sailing - Naples FL area

    Eric, I am from Michigan too and travel to Florida right after christmas also. There is a regatta in Miami the 27-30th. The host club site is, check it out. I am racing Lightnings, but they always have quite a few Lasers also. As for charter boats, try he people at the club...
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    Spring Preperation

    Rob, The orbital sander is a small 5" one, and yes it is also for small boats and is quite effective. The larger hand buffers are usefull in larger applications and you do need to pay attention, however burning the gelcoat is unlikely. There are so many different approaches to this Mac...
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    Spring Preperation

    The only reason to sand it would be if there is scratches. Otherwise I would just hand polish it. The blades I would consider sanding, they are usually the ones that take a beating. I wouldn't sand it opens a can of worms, I just sanded the bottom of mine, but it's 30 years old and had scratches...
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    Radial Weights

    Just wondering what weight most of you Radial sailors are sailing at.I was wondering about what the minimum weight is to start in on a radial, also what is the top of the scale for the radial rig? Thanks a bunch, RF
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    we now interrupt your regularly scheduled programming...

    I believe that the new model year actually has to do with Vanguard's fiscal year, and it happens to be before the calender year. At least I know that is how we do it at Nickels Boat Works. Ryan Nickels Boat Works
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    Grab rails

    Does anyone have extra black grab rails they would sell? I am in need of replacement grab rails and don't really want to buy new, also I don't believe that you can buy black ones. If you have ones you are willing to sell please email me Thanks, Ryan
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    Winter Storage

    If you are going to take the port covers off, be sure to cover them with screens. I've had squirrels store a whole mess of walnuts in a boat before. It is a huge mess in the spring. As for the cover, it will keep the dust off. Good Luck, Ryan ~~~~~~~~ USA 13947 "vintage"
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    Radial Mast Section

    I am looking for a used radial mast section. Any help is appericated. Thanks, RF
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    Sail and covers

    That's you guys have any pictures of them? Also how can I contact you two? Thanks
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    Sail and covers

    That's not too bad, who is the manufactuer? Is it a nice cover?
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    Sail and covers

    I am looking for a sail that is in decent shape, basically I would like one that I could use at a few regatta, then I'll buy a new one. As for the cover I would like one that is under $100. Is that reasonable?? RF
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    Sail and covers

    I am looking for a used full rig sail, I am also in need of top and bottom covers. Please help this college student! Email address is Thanks, Ryan