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    repair of large cracks in sunfish deck

    No comment on repairs, but boat is not 1974. Because of the "old" style rudder, it's probably pre 1972. If there is no storage compartment, it is likely pre 1971. Anyway, get her fixed and get her sailing. Good luck.
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    Bow Handle Repair

    West Marine is a pretty store with lots of good things. That being said, Home Depot sells Polyester Resin, cloth and acetone at a fraction of the price at West Marine. Richard
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    Sunfish Over 330 Pounds Possible?

    Recently acquired a 1985 SF. It seems very heavy: two men can move it, but not very far without stopping to rest. Upon weighing it, we get an error message on a digital scale. The scale is rated to 330 pounds. Has anyone heard of one this heavy? The foam would have to be holding about 15...
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    How Much Air Pressure For Leak Test

    I plan on doing a leak test on a newly acquired '85 Fish. The procedure here in the Knowledge Base seems straight forward enough, except that I do not understand the reference to using compressed air of the 3 ounce variety. I will use a compressor, and can regulate the output pressure from...