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    Laser and Sunfish with Trailer

    Im in Colorado.
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    cleaning / restoring deck / hull.

    what you re going to want to do is to wet sand the hull, and use pretty much every grit you can get your hands on, end with 2000. Now on the deck issue, i always use soft scrub and a nice tough brush. you can use the pressure washer just be sure to keep a distance from the nozzle and the...
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    I just got a new vang.

    the new harken one.
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    I just got a new vang.

    buttttttt it didnt come with the line. can someone tell me how long the line should be? thanks in advance. James
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    Basic Deck cleat?

    I've searched everywhere on the internet and i cant find anything like this in the states. im not looking for the actual one, just a nice fake. haha is there something like this in the states...
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    New Laser Sailboat Parts for Sale
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    replacement deck plate?

    where can i find a good cheap one? my old one was cracked. and i have no idea how or why it happened. but it did.
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    Is this a Laser?

    contact community sailing of colorado. they have what you need and BRAND NEW sails. never used. talk to rachel she will cut you a deal.
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    Restoring a 74 Laser

    as of now ive painted half. and thank you veryy veryy much for scanning the stickers. :D
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    mystery Laser

    well the sail could be from any boat, but it is a starting point. if you plan on sanding the boat you can check to see if you find some filler on the transom. that would be all i could tell you. if you do have a prototype that would be one of the coolest things. haha
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    Laser #2335 - $1000 good value?

    well you could do that, but be aware that bondo expands with water and will not hold up in the long run, if you want to do a cheap quick fix it would work for the time being. but you have the right idea with using a dremel and filling it in, but you should use the west system and use either...
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    Restoring a 74 Laser

    did you buy it at a automotive shop?
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    Restoring a 74 Laser

    how high of a grit did you go? 220 or 320?
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    Restoring a 74 Laser

    whats the time frame you want? because if you can put in about 40-50 hours on the boat (depending on the prep work) its taken me a little while, but ive finished 2 lasers this year. and when i race them people just come up and offer me WAY more then they are worth and the time and materials in...
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    Restoring a 74 Laser

    what primer did you use? and are you hand sanding this? or orbital?