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    Standing Rigging

    Mine shows a couple of signs . They are the original coated shrouds, circa 1986 . The coating is cracked and I see rust stains in those cracks . Also the nicopress fittings are turning green . Robin
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    Standing Rigging

    Thank you for the links and suggestions Rob and Jeff . The best price I found , from a marine oriented supplier , was Rigging Only - Sailrite has a similar price for the swaging tool -...
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    Standing Rigging

    Ahoy , As I ready the little 14 .2 for sailing , I noticed my shrouds are showing signs that I should replace them. Being a Do It Yourself kind of guy - i.e . budget conscious - I am thinking I can do this . I found online the 3/32 stainless 1X19 wire Catalina calls for at varying...
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    Capri Sailing Video

    I don't think you will damage your sails , although you might get some flutter along the foot when trimmed in sailing upwind . I think I'll give it a try next time out . Thanks for the video . Robin
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    Centerboard lift assembly

    I use my hiking straps - a lot ! If the wind comes up you will be glad you have them . I made mine from a tow strap . Robin
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    Centerboard lift assembly

    This post may be of interest . Some mods I made to my centerboard system. Robin
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    Have you named your boat?

    My 2nd C14.2 , someday I might go through the ritual of changing her name , but for now I will still let her provoke the questions in her answer .
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    Centerboard lift assembly

    Nylon Sheaves -
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    Is there a way to report violators?

    I agree, I have used that link to report spammers . I moderate a few other forums (not this one) and I require potential members to explain why they want to join . Rob
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    This was a phenomenal day!!!

    Great Job! I too like, JGM and many others, have brought boats back to life . my first C14.2 had wildflowers growing in the cockpit and the mast had to be cut away from the vines that had totally it entwined. luckily her sail were stroed in the garage. I paid 500 dollars for my C22 and...
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    Sailing Downwind

    Yeah rake and bend . look at all of that sail area ! Use rake to adjust the amount of weather helm, more rake = more weather helm . if you cant point you need more weather helm , if your rounding up you need less . Be careful of a loose rig in rough condiitons, you want to avoid...
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    Sailing Downwind

    I have mine set-up to where you need a slight amount of pressure applied to the mast to to be able to insert the jibstay into the adjuster. on a close reach, in wind over 10 knots my leeward shroud slackens visibly. Rob
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    Happy Birthday ! Install your Windex and go sail her , use the tabs as points of reference , then adjust for your next outing . I don't have a Windex on my C14.2 , I prefer telltales on the shrouds and sails , they give me information, with a lot less neck craning , I have an old neck...
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    Sailing Downwind

    20 year old sails are likely blown out . Some sails have a small diameter control line sewn into the leech of the sail to help control that flutter. the jib luff tension should always be less than the forestay tension , you want the forestay carrying load of the rig not the sail. Ease your...
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    14.2 stability

    Test drive How about asking for a test drive of the boat and see how she feels to you ? I know I would allow someone to try my boat if she were for sale. Good luck ! Rob