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    Attaching outboard motor mount / swim ladder

    When I first mounted my trolling motor I cut, routed and painted to match 2 boards to put under the clamp on the motor. On our maiden voyage one came loose, fell out and the motor wound up in the cockpit. We went back and retrieved the wayward board and I clamped the motor extra tight. That...
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    Replacement Hiking Straps

    I bought good strong strap material from Jo-Anne fabrics for around $18.00 It is very similar to seat belt fabric but not quite as tightly woven. Two years later they still serve me well.
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    Hatch Latch

    I bought a slightly fancy sliding latch from Lowes. I think it was $7. It is brass and you have to pull on the knob before sliding it. If I can find a part number, I will send it. It is holding up just fine.
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    Where is the hull ID?

    Both of mine were hand engraved.
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    Where is the hull ID?

    Mine was on the upper port side of the outside of the transom and it was underneath the manufacturer plate on the inside of the transom. I unscrewed it to clean it and found a very clear copy of the long number.
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    Capri 14.2 garageability

    Garage My Capri went into the garage on the first day I brought it home. It is easy to move by hand if I need to but rarely have to. For the mast and boom, I built 2 small wood squares out of scrap 2x4 and screwed these into the ceiling. I slip one end of the mast in and then the other. I...
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    hull drainage

    I had a similar mystery and I agree with Bill, the drain plug itself. I put some teflon tape around mine and have not had a drop inside since. Easy fix if you are lucky.
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    Newbie Checking In

    Hello and welcome to the forum. I found a 4 day course at a local college for around $200.00. It was 2 evenings in the classroom and 2 full Saturdays on the water. They managed to cover enough to feel confident in most situations. This is a fund raiser for their sailing team so check the...
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    battery placement?

    Hi Dave, It is an 87 centerboard model 1.
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    battery placement?

    Hello Humble, I use a class 45 marine deep cycle battery I picked up at Wal Mart for less than $50. It has served me well and provides hours of power for my Minn Kota 35. I mounted it forward slightly to port inside the cubby. It is in a battery box I picked up at the same time. It came...
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    Removal of the centerboard - process?

    The CB bracket screws were so tight on mine that I had to use the craftsman impact screw extractor. It worked great but bent one of the screws. I did it on the trailer and it lifted out nicely. The only issue was with the really tight screws.
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    Dog's first sail

    I have been wanting to take my dog out for a long time but worry that she will be terrified and start clawing at everything. The blanket/cover seems like the perfect way to help the dog feel secure. Great mod!
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    Is sticker paper HIN legit?

    serial number While refinishing the gelcoat on my 87, I removed the mfg. plate from the transom. I couldn't read anything on it but underneath, etched into the transom was the serial number. It is easier to find under the rub rail on the outside of the transom but it is good that it is in...
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    Turtle on Superior

    My reefing kit is from Sailrite and they recommend and sell seperately, a boom stop. I made my own with a ss machine screw, 2 washers and a wingnut. You put it into the boltrope track in the mast just below the opening for the mainsail. You can loosen and adjust the boom to any height and I...
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    Outboard question

    I run with a Minn Kota 34 lb thrust electric. I mounted the battery in the front of my model 1. It is in a marine battery box and firmly strapped down to some boards I anchored in the cubby. I ran the wires under the starboard seats to a socket mounted in the back. I have no fear of the...