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    Two boats on Kitty Hawk trailer

    I have tried several variations to the two boat stack. What works best for me it to clam shell them and just have large foam rollers in-between. It is easier on the boat and can be cinched down very well with just a couple of soft ropes. A foam roller something like these, foam rollers , works...
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    bum rides on other peoples dingys in SF bay

    You could always sail with the Vanguard 15s on Thursday nights at Treasure Island. They are always looking for crew. Good luck, Ralph
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    New Upgrades proposed by Ed Adams In Sailing World

    I think that we can calm down about this. As also mentioned in that article, the Laser class has the most strict standards of any one design class. There will be no rush to change. Here are a couple of observations: I believe that the class officials are conscious of the cost of new parts and...
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    Regatta Charter Management

    All, I just opened a new website to deal with some of the issues behind chartering at large regattas. While running and participating in regattas, I noticed that there is always a problem with finding enough boats for entrants. Many of the locals are asked to donate use of their personal boat...
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    Carrying daggerboard and gear on plane

    What container do you use when you travel with your gear? Do you have one that fits your daggerboard, rudder, and your tiller? thanks, Ralph
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    Air Travel approved Hard Cases for blades?

    Scott, Several things to consider: - An archery (bow) case works perfectly, but be sure of dimensions before purchasing. - The average rifle case is too small - Purchase a travel lock(s) to go on the case. These are TSA approved since they have the master key to open it for inspection. They...
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    Boom Reinforcing Sleeve installation

    I was just curious, has anyone ever tried a toggle bolt? They do come in stainless steel and are kind of made for an application like this. For lack of a better site, this one gives a pretty good description . Ralph
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    Boom Reinforcing Sleeve installation

    Sailstarz, that is why I did not go. I have learned my limitations....hehehe....stories to tell the grandkids though...LOL
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    Boom Reinforcing Sleeve installation

    No I believe Merrily. Having sailed in the Bay weekly for the last four years, this is not uncommon. Actually I remember that day, that Merrily mentioned, and it was howling. She sailed with us that same weekend. Last night (5/1/08) was beautiful and basically an easy night on the Bay. You can...
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    Laser 137026 in San Francisco, CA

    If you post this on in San Francisco area, you will be automatically listed on the D24 website in the For Sale section. This is the best way to get your boat advertised in our district. Check it out Good luck, Ralph:D
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    2005 Laser #182341

    Please post phone number or contact this very interested buyer: Butch (209)551-2813 Thank you
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    I Want A Laser

    Check yesterday's Craigslist:
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    Laser Full Rigg 2006

    Visit the V15 website for more details:
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    Thumbs down on Eclipse Trophy

    I hate to post something this negative but I do not want anyone else to get stuck the way that we did. Eclipse Trophy, known for its sailing trophies and plaques, should probably be avoided if you actually want to buy trophies in a timely manner. To give some background, I contacted as many...
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    Pacific Coast Championship Blog August 10-12

    Re: Pacific Coast Championships Blog Aug 11 Correction: Roger Herbst was misclassified. He is still a master sailor by a little bit. Also the rumor that I heard was that someone is scouring the east shore of the Bay picking up Laser pieces. Anyone want to buy some slightly used equipment...