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    Zhik Power Pads

    That's great to know guys. That is just want I needed to know. I think I will be buying a pair. Rob I won't be at lowcountry regatta tomorrow buy you should come to Carolina Yacht Club regatta in Charleston in a couple of weeks so you can see me use my new pads. haha good luck tomorrow if your...
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    Zhik Power Pads

    Hey I am sort of new to this forum but not new to sailing. I work at West Marine and I have some magic marine hiking pants 3/4 length and they are hot as hell, BTW I live in Charleston SC so it is easily 90+ at regattas. I saw the Zhik pads at work and I was wondering if they were worth getting...
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    420 Spinnaker

    Hey I have a used 420 spinnaker for sale. It has only been used a couple of times. but there is some corrosion on the eyes and a pin sized hole that has been patched with sail tape. It's just been hanging in my room and I decided I didn't need it anymore. It is white with a red stripe. email me...