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    Laser Hull Gloss

    Yes to Starbrite!
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    Fitness For Laser Sailing

    These have been outlawed in the US but you can build your own ....
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    How to dry a Laser hull

    I'm sure that would work but if the tube doesn't say "marine" you won't pay as much for it!
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    How to dry a Laser hull

    Just put a dab of marine silicon sealant in the screw hole before attaching the bailer.
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    How long have you been sailing your Laser?

    Since 1972 but not every year .......
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    Abra Cadabra: Five Tips for Getting Your Best Start Ever

    This was excellent detail on the starting sequence in a big fleet! Thanks for posting.
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    My Centerboard Wobbles...

    This .... Every sailors dream ... you have a gybing board .... just do it legal ......
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    fitness and laser sailing

    Good words ..... as long as I don't have to make another one of those insane hiking benches like I used to use for watching TV in my den .....
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    fitness and laser sailing

    Thank you for this .... I've ignored the energy aspects of a long day on the water! At the 1978 (I think) Laser midwinters on Biscayne Bay we were on the water all day ....... the Coral Gables Yacht Club support boats came by and threw us a paper bag lunch which of course landed in the salt...
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    How to dry a Laser hull

    The key is just to get some dry, preferably warm air flowing through the hull. I brought a hull inside my house once after moving out from parents and before being married. If you are married or living with parents this tactic might get you kicked out to the shed.
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    fitness and laser sailing

    OK I need help .... I admit it. I'm 63 .... run 3 miles several days a week, bicycle 10 - 20 miles, kayak for 60 minutes upstream and back home, weight machines at the athletic club, ..... the darn Laser wears me out sailing more than four or five 45 minute races in an afternoon ...... do I...
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    What Blade Bag?

    Works for me!
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    Cold weather / frostbiting sailing gear - great article

    Good article .... I'm a wet suit kinda guy. Progressively as it gets colder, thin wet suit shorts (1 mm), shorty wet suit, farmer john 3 mm, add a wet suit top, spray top, wet suit boots. NRS has a great line of limestone based wet suit products made for kayaking that are moderately priced...
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    Beer Can in the Mast Step

    A full beer can does make a handy wind velocity indicator though. Set on top of a piling at the dock, ......... if it blows off its probably too windy for the full rig.
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    Painting Laser Deck and Hull

    If the cleaner doesn't get it up to your spec don't hesitate to get out the 400 or 600 wet sandpaper and go over the hull with this.