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    Furling jib questions

    Yep, that is exactly what I do. Jib halyard pulls up the sock.
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    needed: sails and hardware

    Just consider it a gift from a fellow sailor. All I ask is that if you don't end up using them, you pass them along to someone who will. Good luck getting your girls sailing!
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    I've found that value varies by location quite a bit. Where I'm at in the upper midwest, values tend to be quite a bit higher than out on the coasts. $2500 for a nice boat from the 90's is not unusual at all. I learned to sail on my capri, but I also took an ASA 101 class and without the...
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    needed: sails and hardware

    Denn, I've actually got a set sitting around. I'd be willing to send them your way for the cost of shipping (Paypal?). Send me a PM with your email.
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    APS Mast Float Bag

    I have that float bag. I actually would not recommend it. I found that it if you are in any sort of a blow at all, it can be difficult to get the main up/down all the way as the bag wants to bend around the mast and snag things up. I was hoping that it was a more cost effective alternative to a...
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    Centerboard trunk sealant

    I did a leak test today. I did not fill the inside, but rather used a shop vac to pressurize the inside and used soapy water to look for leaks. Most of my deck fittings, motor mount bracket and rudder brackets all leaked. It was harder to check the centerboard trunk seal, but it didn't look like...
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    Centerboard trunk sealant

    I strongly suspect that i have a leak at me centerboard trunk seam. Unfortunately it is very difficult to get where the sealant is. In order to do it right, i feel like i need to grind out the old hardened sealant and replace it with new. Has anyone ever attempted this? Im having trouble...
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    Getting Water in My Hull

    Your problem sounds exactly like mine. I also suspect the centerboard trunk. Last summer i tried getting in there with some sealant but it did not work. The factory sealant squeezeout was as hard as a rock and uneven. I think i just ended up gooping on top of it. My plan this spring is to try to...
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    Cosmetic or Structural Issue

    My boat has similar cracks in the same location. I think it's just the gelcoat cracking when the underlying glass flexes. Don't think it's anything to worry about.
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    Bottom Paint

    Same here. I dont race so I'm sure I won't miss the extra quarter of a knot. I would say if your boat doesn't have it and you are only leaving the boat in the water for a few days at a time then don't paint it. No need to and it probably does reduce resale value a bit.
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    Anyone tried these boat covers?

    My cover does not go around the mast but I've had minor pooling problems. For the most part the cover stays pretty taught from all the bungie cords pulling it tight. I have seen a solution used where you install a couple fittings on the rails of the boat and the arch a flexible piece of aluminum...
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    hull drainage

    I have a mod 2 and have the same problem. I haven't been able to identify it yet. I really thought it might be coming through all of the deck fittings and screws through the teak, but seems like a lot of water to get through there. Only reason I thought this is that it seems to get more water in...
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    keel model anyone?

    You probably won't get much of a response. Before I bought my boat I was looking for keel owners and information as well. Not too many out there. I had such a hard time finding one that I ended up getting a centerboard model instead. It wasn't a bad decision. Based on peoples comments I thought...
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    Post your mod 2 hatch pics

    I've seen alot of different hatches you can buy online, only problem is they don't fit the opening well and would require some type of spacer. Anyone found one that fits well?
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    Post your mod 2 hatch pics

    Anyone out there have a good example of a mod 2 cuddy insert to hatch conversion? I'm convinced this is the way to go so that I can actually inspect and access the inside of the boat when needed, but there doesn't seem to be a real easy drop in solution. Just wondering what others may have done...