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    Laser 2011 Race ready with Dolly and Trailex Trailer. SOLD

    2011 Laser Hull # 199760 3 Laser sails Harken top cover/bottom cover (hull) Spars/blades (centerboard & rudder) tiller/hiking stick Carbon. Padded blades/board bag 2 year old Trailex Laser Trailer with Swivel Bow support Dynamic Laser Dolly Rigging and lines.
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    BRAND NEW Laser Sail Standard Mark II

    Did you sell it??
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    Rooster Pro Hikers Hiking shorts with battens size 5 (large)

    Are they Available? I am 6.1 hight 200 pounds.
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    Two Laser full-rig sails; both legal

    is the MK1 available?
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    need a used full rig MKII sail.

    any pictures, condition?
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    need a used full rig MKII sail.

    can you please send pictures and tell me how old is it? still crispy? thanks
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    TEXAS need a used full rig MKII sail.

    ASAP, class legal.
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    Laser full rig mark 2 sail needed

    Is your sail available?
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    Laser Sailboat for sale - Maryland

    Would you sell the un used Radial Sail?
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    TEXAS radial sail and mast needed

    good shape. Houston Texas
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    2014 Laser Radial with Trailer (galvanized)

    Hi, any pictures?