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    Price = Speed?

    It must just be for show! Looking at the other vintage stuff - this guys delerious.
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    Price = Speed?

    I HOPE no one actully buys this for this price - someone put a stop to it!!
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    2010 Laser Performance Sunfish

    Darn it! I'm just looking for new excuses Chris!!!
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    2010 Laser Performance Sunfish

    Yikes - another major change that effects performance? Are you sure the boats were all set the same - gooseneck placement? Was the new blade an accident or was it made with higher performance in mind? Seems harder to keep up with all the changes these days! One design my foot!
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    Hull Care Presto?

    Any thoughts on this product? Looks like a great way to clean up a hull and deck without a ton of work. Paul
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    How about a Classic Sunfish Rally??

    Gents - shortly after I read all of this....and wished I had a really old Sunfish...just went to ebay for kicks and found 3 old school - 2 striped boats for sale in Michigan - very good looking boats...
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    Wanted - Sunfish In Colorado

    If anyone knows anyone who knows anyone who might know where a Fish is out good condition - I have 2, possibly 3 people currently looking for boats. Thanks! 36474
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    Carbon Tiller

    Thanks Chris - it worth it to get one? Obviously it is the one holding it...but does it help a bit too?!
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    Carbon Tiller

    Now that all new Fish have the plastic rudder with new carbon/metal tiller ( Haven't actually seen one in person ) will we be able top purchase the tiller and it is the same connection as the classic wood tiller? I've heard the new one is much more firm and handles better. Just wondering, I...
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    Gulf Coast - SW Regionals

    Just curious how this works if the SW Regional and Gulf Coast Regionals are held at the same place on the same their only one qualifier or do two people qualify for the Worlds...or if the winner is from the Gulf Coast and 2nd place is from the Gulf Coast..does no one qualify from the...
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    Last Hours of Rudder Survey!

    You're right, it is not carbon. I guess am more curious about how a stiffer tiller with the current blade might help. I did hear some postive feedback about how smooth it handled as opposed to the wood tiller. If there's less flexing on the tiller, does that help control weather helm too? just...
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    Last Hours of Rudder Survey!

    As we await results.......I was curious about the cost of the new carbon's just one cost...add this to what a new rudder might be....I hope everyone has a steady, well paying job! Category:Small Boats & Parts > Misc. Small Boat Parts Manufacturer: Sunfish Part Number: 43004...
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    Fleet Impact

    I'm all for making the class better, but the new rudder makes such a minimal impact, why have people shell out that money? I'd prefer to get the new tiller which in turn gives you more control should the occasion arise. Leave it alone, focus on building the class locally and don't worry about...
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    US Sailing Page

    Are you talking about the SW Regional helmet cam video? We actually had 9 Sunfish and there were 4 lasers that weekend.