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    what sails fit a capri 14.2 mod2

    Steve, Check out the capri 14,2 manual posted on this site for sail dimensions. If its just the jib you're looking for check out this thread My snipe jib fit nicely once I swapped the forestay. Masthead will likely have some sails for your...
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    For Sale:  Omega 14 $100 in Michigan

    The Boat is NOT MY OWN. I just thought I would give you guys a heads up on this deal!
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    UV Damaged jib

    So my snipe sail came today and to my surprise it is a clear mylar sail! I do not know how to attach this thing to my roller furler. I do not know if the snipe forestay it came with is the right length, it certainly does not attach the same as the carpi(see photos). The snipe wire appears of a...
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    Rub rail

    Does anyone have the copy of mainsheet that(or if it) was written about the rubrail replacement? I need to replace mine and I want to glue on whatever rubrail I decide to buy.
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    How do you tie your jibsheet?

    I an curious how everyone ties the jibsheets to the jib clew. I currently an using two knots on either side but they keep getting hungup on the shrouds.
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    Restore Boat's Finish

    The only way to properly refinish gelcoat is to follow a procedure similar to post #17 in this link... I spent a weekend on my oxidized hull and now it looks like new!
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    Pictures - Floatation and the Inside

    My 1992 Mod 2 has fiberglass bulkheads that are not attached at the bottom. Anyone else have these?
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    Damaged Plastic bags inside the hull

    I have a 1992 mod 2 and last year I peeked inside the hull to find what looked like 8 to 10 cube shaped plastic jugs. I have a feeling something horrible happened to my boat at some point becasue it appears as though the wooden bulkheads under the deck have all been replaced(there is ducttape...
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    UV Damaged jib

    Went ahead and bought a snipe jib. I have no idea what color it is! :) I really hope it doesnt look dumb considering it is a cross-cut sail and my main is a red,white, and blue radial :/ Thank you so much for the tip Ed I apperciate it!
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    UV Damaged jib

    Thanks so much for the advice everyone. I will indeed look for a used sail online. I was not aware I could use a defferent brand sail. p.s. What range of specific dimensions would work well on a capri 14.2 jib?
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    UV Damaged jib

    Hello all! I was finally able to get my capri in the water this year! :) Big problem is that my capri's previous owner left the jib furreled up and sitting in the sun for several seasons :( The leech is trashed from sun but the rest of the sail looks too good to just pitch it. I want to try...
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    Is this a problem?

    2961- yes I have moved the roller up to the front of the bow. And yes it did slightly "pop" out. It is still very much there though. Judging by the heavy flow of water coming out of the boat when I moved it from the last owners home, I assume the water weight caused the dent. The owner had...
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    Is this a problem?

    any ideas? :)
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    Is this a problem?

    I checked the serial number and I believe the boat was made in 1992. I have removed the tunnel and have put the tongue of the trailer up on a latter so any remaining water can drain out the back.I also have a fan running in there. While I was taking the off the cabin tunnel I saw that the...
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    Is this a problem?

    Alright everyone here it goes. I got the boat :) now i need to know if this is a serious problem. Firstly there was lots of water in it. I opened the drain plug and it ran for quite a while. Im guessing this could have weighed the hull down to form the dent. I unwinched the hull and it...