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    oh this is the story of my life. thankyou.
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    boat weight

    i have a 2002 boat that's been sailed pretty hard for three seasons now. that's including some time on high speed tows, a lot of time being trailered... many of my friends who have 2002 boats are buying new boats right now. (for use starting this winter, but mainly starting in the summer)...
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    Adjust Laser Rudder Sweep?

    i know that many of the seriously competitive racers flip or completely replace their gudgeons, as the plastic wears and creates play. not sure how much this affects the rudder sweep, but it is defnintiely something to take into account when thinking about making alterations to the rudder.
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    ISAF Council Votes!!!

    this is amazing. i know that for myself and for a number of other youth female radial sailors, this is one of the greatest pieces of news we've heard in a while. the step to campaigning a europe is a big one, that required a lot of investment and a lot of travel. europe fleets are not exactly...
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    we now interrupt your regularly scheduled programming...

    for vanguard, i think the model years are just when they change the color options; i'm pretty sure there's no actual difference in the boats.
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    we now interrupt your regularly scheduled programming...

    i don't know if you guys have seen this but i thought the people here should know; it's not a good reflection on the sport (except for the generosity of the wayzata yacht club member): During the evening of Friday 22nd October a brand new Laser Radial was stolen from the car park of the...
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    year of boats

    i have a 2002 vanguard thats still completely dry.. and while i will admit some of my friends with 02 boats have wet boats, i don't think you can say to completely avoid 02 vanguards.
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    Winter Storage

    i heard somewhere that it should be on its side, weight resting on the gunwale.. anybody know if there's any truth to this?
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    Project Laser for sale in D7 - Cheap!!

    mackenzie- its kendall. hope everythings going well (even though summer's over). anyway, if you still haven't found something to do with that boat, what my dad and i did the other weekend with two boats that were abandoned in drysail at pleon (without rigging etc) was turn them into...
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    Mast retaining line

    i use what i guess you are calling the "standard" set-up, but with a twist. i've been told by several coaches (especially bern, the harvard coach) that it puts too much load on the padeyes if you tie it off there. instead, the way to go is to run it continuously through the padeyes and tie a...
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    highschool nationals

    for radial or for full rig? or both? the results for new england should be online: why are you interested? (i qualified)
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    Drysuits or wetsuits?

    i'll second that on the gill hybrid top. although i've started wearing a sea rashguard with a microfleece layer built into it, and have found a rarely need a spraytop (i.e. didn't need it all of cork, but will most likely wear it this weekend in connecticut). thenagain, i rarely get cold...
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    Rudder downhaul?

    the jam cleats are definitely better- as long as your downhaul rope is the right diameter (i.e. will stick in cleat). i still use one of the old horn cleats (as a carbon tiller is slowly working its way up the things-to-buy list) and used to have a lot of trouble with it coming undone. however...
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    "Do it on a Laser" Stickers wanted

    i don't know, but if anyone knows if they're still making them: i want some too. mine died. if they're not still making them, they should.