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    Winds 24kts Gusting to Waterspouts

    Thanks for sharing! Great memories, stories, and skills built in the wind and waves... I'm glad the post brought it all back.
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    Winds 24kts Gusting to Waterspouts

    If you look me up one on Capri 14.2 side you'll see one of the boats I grew up sailing in Lake Michigan 20+ years ago that was refurbished and floats proudly in much warmer Florida now. Great FWB waterspout and survival!
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    Winds 24kts Gusting to Waterspouts

    I put these pics and the story to go with them on Book of Faces for family and friends but I figured I’d share them here as well. This winter and spring have been ridiculously windy and there’ve been plenty of 15 gusting to 20, 25 gusting to 30+ days this boat has survived. These pics were...
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    Great day sailing in light winds today

    Thanks. SLO Sails sent us a bunch of sample fabrics/colors and we put it together. Great folks, great sails. I sent them pictures after I'd been out on the first sail and one of them pushed me several important rigging/trimming tips just based on what he saw in the pictures... Much appreciated.
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    VIPER’s First Cruise

    VIPER is a fantastic craft indeed! We're already prepping for the sailing this weekend... Tammy (Mermaid) will have her wetsuit on for her first time at the helm. She wants to be a comfortable Sunfish skipper in time to care for a boat of her own ;-)
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    VIPER’s First Cruise

    I’m usually on the Capri 14.2 side of this site but I just got done throwing this post up on Book of Faces for folks who know us and I figure it was worthwhile as an introduction to the Sunfish side of SailingForums. I’m not new to the Sunfish class, used to race on the Chesapeake with the...
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    Great day sailing in light winds today

    Any day on the Capri is a great day! I jumped in the boat on a foggy breezy rainy day last week and it was still great (although the wife was smart enough not to join me). A few other intrepid pirates were on the seas and we passed in the fog... great day had by all. These boat are pleasantly...
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    Considering buying a Capri 14

    Have no fear if you have some locals to teach you a few tricks to manage heavy winds etc. Most of the folks who 'hate' these seem to feel that they're unstable or unforgiving but if you have some reasonable training from anyone familiar with the boat you'll be comfortably tacking, jibbing, and...
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    Stern mast crutch

    These are very old pics from when we originally refurbished the boat but hopefully they give you the idea. I can't even remember what sort of wood we used but we basically attached two slabs to the core, carpeted everything, then popped a boat bow trailer bumper on top which cradles the mast...
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    Remarkable Refurb

    We did it with $8 of seatbelts. Search Amazon for "seatbelt material black" and it'll pop right up. We bought it local but it's all 2" wide same stuff. We tried to find the actual stuff but when we realized the seatbelts fit the mounting hardware nearly perfectly we just went with that. I...
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    Wanted: Used sails in good shape

    Still have them if you're interested. I can't remember if I'd replied to you way back or someone else that had pinged direct.
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    Wanted: Used sails in good shape

    I have a set of Catalina original sails that I've recently replaced with some SLO Sails that I 'earned' for helping my wife with her doctorate but they're still in great shape. The originals are clearly fuller than the new SLOs and I can point about 10 degrees higher now with the new sails but...
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    Hello from Fort Walton Beach & New Sails!

    Pulled the new sails out and shoved off the beach on a beautiful Thanksgiving morning before the cooking and busy business kick off. I took a some of the features that I'm impressed with like the foot of the main that allows the sail to take more appropriate foil shape at the base. The jib...
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    Motor Mount + Cupholders