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    Learning to sail a J24 on SF Bay

    no, i sail with my daddy. the sail has an F and a J on it. we went out again and i liked it. daddy wants me to sail an oppi. i think there cute so im going to sail one. too bad you failed the test. i hate that.
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    Best instructional book for laser?

    i can read, but i dont always know what the words mean. what are the good videos?
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    Neverending Laser Thread

    my daddy is teaching me to sail. i dont know what kind of bote it is. its for 2 people. i know how to spell boat. i think its a stoopid way to spell and I like bote better. i can talk better than this. i have to pick words i can spell. it was'nt very windy. daddy did'nt want to scare me.
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    Learning to sail a J24 on SF Bay

    Merrily,i like your name. mine name is Pippa. its like Pizza only with all ps! ok thats silly. i did'nt read all your stuff. it was to long. whats a kt?
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    A laser sailing video

    what does this mean? is this some other langage? i want to learn to sail like in the video!
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    sounds like what a whale would sound like..

    whale songs are pretty. is that what it really sounds like?
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    Neverending Laser Thread

    it sounds like fun. is the baseball kind a like water polo? my dog likes to swim. i can't get her to stay on my bote. how do you do that? i just learned to sail today.