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    1978 AMF/Alcort Sunfish

    Hi, I am interested in your sunfish. Is it still available? I am also in Rhode Island. Is price negotiable? I will also send you an email, including my phone number. My contact email is
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    Super Sailfish For Sale

    Is this boat still available? Does it include sails? My contact is I will also send you an email to the contact address.
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    1966 Sunfish for Sale (NJ)

    Is the boat still available? I am interested. Do you deliver, or can meet part way? I live in Rhode Island. Please contact me at
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    1971 Sunfish For Sale

    If it is still available, I am interested. You can contact me at
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    Sunfish Wanted- Southern NE area

    I am looking to buy a used sunfish or similar boat. Must be in good condition with full rigging. Delivery is preferred, but I could pick it up.