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    KANSAS '78 AMF Mini Fish

    This is an amazing little Fish! Sails great and everything work.I sailed it just last week (as I write this) and it's just a joy to sail.I bought this from a man who had stored it in his barn for many years, which explains why the gelcoat is still so shiny. There are scratches from where he...
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    Capri 14.2 Baby Bob fitted

    Nicely done! And worth waaaaay more than it cost to build, I know these things :)
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    Drilling screws to install inspection port....

    Drilling screwholes with am electric drill is a piece of cake. I've done it 3 separate times and its a breeze. Fear not!
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    Small outboard motors on Capri 14.2

    I never did; I ended up selling the 14.2 and buying a Potter 15 and now use a 2.5 hp Suzuki.
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    Dismasted Capri 14.2 outboard size

    I've since sold my 14.2 and now have a West Wight Potter 15. The Potter weighs more than the 14.2 and I use a 2.5 hp Suzuki on it. I would expect 6 hp would move it fairly well...
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    FAQ: What Should I Do To Prevent Turtling?

    I had a turtle the very first time I sailed my Capri 14.2. It took almost an hour where I was in the water which was 60 degrees and the help of 2 men in a bass boat to get her upright. The very next day, my Hobie Bob came in the mail. I made a mount and installed it. I sailed it the next weekend...
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    where to put ports on a Phantom?

    I can tell you where one can go safely: the circle by the centerboard slot. I put one in mine before I sold it. It was a piece of cake and looked like someone at the factory had intended it to be there. Loved that boat, great sailer!
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    Adding current sonar and GPS tech to my 30 year old Capri

    Very nicely done!! How did you secure the batteries? Are they in the cuddy?
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    Forestay attachment

    There should be an adjustable bracket, probably attached at the top of the jib that you should be able to adjust to take the tension off a bit. My Capri is a 1990 mod 2 and has a furling jib also.
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    Phantom Question

    Under the handle is the only one. I have one and they're good little sailors and fast too. I put an inspection port in the rounded indention just behind the mast and that will give you some access as well as a great place for storing a small dry bag for cell phones and such.
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    Tightwad Bob - an affordable DIY mast float

    Check Craigslist for a used one; I found mine for $30.00 and made my own bracket from $15.00 worth of aluminum from Lowe's. Not hard, just takes time.
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    Small outboard motors on Capri 14.2

    Bdh333: how do you secure your battery in the cuddy? I've lost 2 batteries to capsizing so I want to not have to buy a fourth one :) I've been thinking that with my Mod 2 boat, screwing in drawer slides and builing a custom drawer to slide in and out, that I can secure it and my anchor in. Plus...
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    Trolling Motor Battery placement

    I purchased my Capri Mod 2 back in February and have sailed on 2 times since then. In both trips, I have managed to capsize and in both cases managed to lose 2 very expensive batteries. The first time, the battery was just sitting on the bench because there was no wind whatsoever- until a huge...
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    Test driving the Catalina 14.2, rigging and finding parts

    Thanks for this great post. I very much appreciate the link to the Manual by the California school- a great resource!
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    Baby Bob to the rescue - I hope!

    It is :) It was easy, I did it in about 1 1/2 hours. All of the aluminum I bought at Lowe's and it looks like the L channel is just under 1/8th of an inch thick and the flat bar was 1/8 inch thick. Don't leave home without it! :)