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    Capri 14.2 Baby Bob fitted

    Nicely done! And worth waaaaay more than it cost to build, I know these things :)
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    Drilling screws to install inspection port....

    Drilling screwholes with am electric drill is a piece of cake. I've done it 3 separate times and its a breeze. Fear not!
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    Small outboard motors on Capri 14.2

    I never did; I ended up selling the 14.2 and buying a Potter 15 and now use a 2.5 hp Suzuki.
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    Dismasted Capri 14.2 outboard size

    I've since sold my 14.2 and now have a West Wight Potter 15. The Potter weighs more than the 14.2 and I use a 2.5 hp Suzuki on it. I would expect 6 hp would move it fairly well...
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    FAQ: What Should I Do To Prevent Turtling?

    I had a turtle the very first time I sailed my Capri 14.2. It took almost an hour where I was in the water which was 60 degrees and the help of 2 men in a bass boat to get her upright. The very next day, my Hobie Bob came in the mail. I made a mount and installed it. I sailed it the next weekend...
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    where to put ports on a Phantom?

    I can tell you where one can go safely: the circle by the centerboard slot. I put one in mine before I sold it. It was a piece of cake and looked like someone at the factory had intended it to be there. Loved that boat, great sailer!
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    Adding current sonar and GPS tech to my 30 year old Capri

    Very nicely done!! How did you secure the batteries? Are they in the cuddy?
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    Forestay attachment

    There should be an adjustable bracket, probably attached at the top of the jib that you should be able to adjust to take the tension off a bit. My Capri is a 1990 mod 2 and has a furling jib also.
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    Phantom Question

    Under the handle is the only one. I have one and they're good little sailors and fast too. I put an inspection port in the rounded indention just behind the mast and that will give you some access as well as a great place for storing a small dry bag for cell phones and such.
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    Tightwad Bob - an affordable DIY mast float

    Check Craigslist for a used one; I found mine for $30.00 and made my own bracket from $15.00 worth of aluminum from Lowe's. Not hard, just takes time.
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    Small outboard motors on Capri 14.2

    Bdh333: how do you secure your battery in the cuddy? I've lost 2 batteries to capsizing so I want to not have to buy a fourth one :) I've been thinking that with my Mod 2 boat, screwing in drawer slides and builing a custom drawer to slide in and out, that I can secure it and my anchor in. Plus...
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    Trolling Motor Battery placement

    I purchased my Capri Mod 2 back in February and have sailed on 2 times since then. In both trips, I have managed to capsize and in both cases managed to lose 2 very expensive batteries. The first time, the battery was just sitting on the bench because there was no wind whatsoever- until a huge...
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    Test driving the Catalina 14.2, rigging and finding parts

    Thanks for this great post. I very much appreciate the link to the Manual by the California school- a great resource!
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    Baby Bob to the rescue - I hope!

    It is :) It was easy, I did it in about 1 1/2 hours. All of the aluminum I bought at Lowe's and it looks like the L channel is just under 1/8th of an inch thick and the flat bar was 1/8 inch thick. Don't leave home without it! :)
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    Baby Bob to the rescue - I hope!

    Using the flat bar of aluminum, I bent it into a square U shape and then drilled holes so that it matched those for the pulley for the main sail. No need to seal it at all and really pretty easy. Once that bar was ready, then I attached the Lshaped pieces to the flat top of the bar with screws...