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    Not great sailing weather in Michigan right now

    and here's a shot of it in use
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    Not great sailing weather in Michigan right now

    I made up a hoist for my Minifish. I put a round head bolt into a joist, put a block and tackle from eBay into the round head. I got slings capable of lifting 600 lbs each and put one in the front, one in the rear and used PVC pipe to keep them separated. It was easy to lift solo and kept the...
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    Sunfish Quick Adjust Lever

    And sold!
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    Sunfish Quick Adjust Lever

    This is a new, still in bag Quick Adjust Lever I bought for a MiniFish that I no longer have. I tried to cancel the order with SailRite but could NEVER get customer service's attention. I won't buy from them ever and now, I can save you the drama as well. This part is sold by them for $25.00...
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    New Project Sunfish, 1970

    I’d be majorly ticked off to have to buy all of those permits each year.... then again, I wouldn’t live somewhere that had all of that stuf. We threw out the British because of that behavior!
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    Sunfish on top of a Chevy Caprice?

    I’ve car topped a Sunfish on my Chevy Malibu so absolutely you can. I bought the boat 4 hours away from my home and flipped it upside down, put it on 2 $5.00 rolled up yoga mats and strapped it down.
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    1953 ALCORT Sunfish ZIP Hull Repair

    What a fabulous restoration! Museum quality and yet functional as designed. What a treasure!
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    Sailfish sail and spars?

    I saw this on Craigslist, is it a sailfish sail?
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    Slippery gooseneck

    so the “ears” are what the bolt goes through? I sooooooo much appreciate the wisdom sharing!!
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    Slippery gooseneck

    My 76 minifish has a case of slippery gooseneck. I bought new bolts and nuts but still moves freely. I think my next step is to put a thin layer of rubber under the neck but that I’d see what the collective wisdom here is. I have a quick release on the way and want to avoid having to buy a new...
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    Really Nice 1970 Sunfish-Sold 5-17-2020

    And she's sold to a new Master who was born the same year as she was! Thanks for looking!
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    Really Nice 1970 Sunfish-Sold 5-17-2020

    lol, no my first sailboat was a Phantom :) Thanks for the comments guys. The titles done in Missouri before I owned it so I agree '71 but I have no say in it. Maybe I should separate the bailer from the boat? :)
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    Really Nice 1970 Sunfish-Sold 5-17-2020

    You'd hard pressed to find a cleaner, more pristine hull in a 1970 version. The chrome rub rail is almost perfect! Has new Intensity sail and new line. Gel coat is clean and only a few normal scratches/scrapes. 1970 didn't have the storage area but this one does. Has a Missouri title and HIN plate.
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    Minifish in good shape, $200, San Diego, CA

    Beautiful Fish and I love your wall mounted rack!
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    Car Topping a Sunfish...first time went well

    I brought home a sunfish that I bought 4 hours away from the house, on the top of my Chevy Mailbu. I had rolled up yoga mats under it, it was hull up and tied by the bow handle and strapped down. Worked great but I will say that the 93 decibels (I measured it) it made at 60 mph was really...