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    Forward Hatch Cover on the Omega 14

    The gasket is basically a rubber tube that is kept in place by a lip that rises up from the hole.
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    Forward Hatch Cover on the Omega 14

    Here are a few pics of the hatch cover on my Omega 14, hope this helps. Let me know if you need more info.
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    Stability and Baby Bobs

    I have owned a Omega 14 for several years now and have found you have to be constantly aware of this hulls stability. As an example: I was at anchor in about 2' of water and was sitting in the boat just aft of the mast. I moved in some way I don't remember and the boat rolled over. No harm...
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    Rigging help

    Contac1 800 959 7245 and inquire about a new mast.
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    not a Sunfish but I'm baffled!

    This boat is called a SAROCA and was designed as a multiuse boat. It was advertised regularly in Small Boat Journal in the 80s and 90s. You could sail it, row it or paddle it.
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    Rigging help

    I have a 1983 Omega. If you have specific questions I will try to answer them. Pete Z
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    Photos: YOU & YOUR Sunfish, in water, under sail

    This picture was taken just off Rodanthe NC on the Pamlico Sound. My Canadian buddy took this from the cottage he was in on a deck about 40' off the water. This is my son's boat and the sail number was the number on his fish from 30+ years ago.
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    Sail and blade bags

    I had my wife sew me up some bags from some cotton duck I got at Joannes. She also embroidered the boat name on the bags. As you can see from the pictures the tiller is separate from the udder for ease of transport. I use a wing nut on the bolt that joins them which makes it easy to separate...
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    Naming the boat

    I generally have not named my smaller boats, of which I have had many. However I am now on my last Sunfish so I thought I would give it a name - Heliopicies. Greek for Sunfish. I have not gone to the extent of some other writers here. I wote it in small letters on the transom.
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    Family daysailer vs 2nd Sunfish

    I am surprised that no one mentioned the Capri 14 or its predecessor the Omega 14. This is a great boat for 2 to 4 people and it weighs a lot less than the O'Day Daysailer. This boat in all its variations has been made by Catalina for many years and is still in production. Repair parts when...
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    MINIFISH Parts

    Mast for Minifish - $35. This mast is a few inches short of a standard mast but is suitable if you can't get a standard mast. Centerboard - $45. This c/b has some damage as you can see from the foto but should not affect performance. The story on this is that it had been stored under cover...
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    Minifish for sale

    Received check,the boat is yours. I expect to bring it to NewportNews on April 26. PeteZ
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    Minifish for sale

    Although the boat is currently in Rodanthe NC I plan to bring it to Newport News VA in the next couple of weeks. This should be closer for you. You can call me at 757 223 1776. Pete Z
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    Sunfish Sail

    See Intesity Sails for the rings. The Sunfish® sail requires 29 so you get one spare. A029Regular price: $19.99Sale price: $11.99 You will need some 1/8 line to secure the outer ends of the sail on the upper and lower spars. You will also need anb "S" hook to secure the sail at the...
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    Minifish for sale

    This Minifish is of unknown age but is in very good condition. (Note: there is no serial number formed on the hull, it was probably on an aluminum decal that has come off. Also the wood image decals that were on the coaming and stern have been lost to time.) However the hull is sound with few...