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    Rigging advice please

    Thanks for all the responses.... much appreciated. I'm going to look at all the mast retainer solutions. You want to talk old days, we used to keep one mainsheet cleat on the port side so when you rounded the leeward mark you would cleat-off and shove your foot between the mainsheet ratchet and...
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    Rigging advice please

    Best mast tie down method? Cunningham starboard or port side? Deck cleats useful at all? Thanks! -J
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    Sailing after knee surgery

    Anybody have experience or advice for sailing after knee surgery? I'd be happy to hear some tips on stretches, hinged braces etc. Just had surgery on both knees (torn PCL, meniscus) and am rehabbing for late spring racing. Thanks in advance.
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    Laser Swag

    Swag or Schwag? Is there anywhere I can buy cool Laser clothing? Perhaps a fleece with a laser insignia or logo on it? There seems to be a distinct lack of promotional gear out there, and I'd like to proudly wear my colors. Thoughts?
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    Used full rig sail wanted

    Cash for a race-worthy sail that's better than what I'm currently using. Tell me: + # of seasons used (year purchased) + salt or fresh water? + any tears or wear marks? + crispness factor? + battens? + rolled or flaked? + How much of my money do you want? --
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    Anyone straightened a rudder blade ?

    I've had some experience with a bent board, and the above comments are correct. Heat it up and lay a board atop it with cinderblocks on it overnight. I would caution against clamping it too tightly or you might face cracking. Good luck.
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    Best Hikers? Let's hear your thoughts...

    I'm looking to buy some hiking pants -- 3/4 or long, for most seasons. I'm buying what you tell me to get. Thanks
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    SEA Australia men's airprene 3/4 hiking pants XL black $100

    Email me your contact info: jeffdoubek@gmail