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    All about to kick off....

    You and me both. So this "Laserish" thing is actually gonna happen? What does this mean? I'm so confused.
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    Self Bailer O-Rings

    It's a good idea to just close your bailer anyway when coming in off the water, regardless of the trailer/dolly. When you slow down to come in, you get a lot of water in your cockpit. Re-learned this lesson Saturday. Slowed way down on the way in to not run into the back of the J70s coming back...
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    Laser in 5.75' pickup bed

    And if it sticks off a good bit tie a red flag or something to the bow eye so that if someone runs into it they can't say it wasn't marked.
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    Laser Purchase Imminent - Getting it Home

    When you get it all ready to go just let me know. I'd be glad to help you rig it. I could probably sail to where you're launching from if it's just down the street (unless it's on the other side of the peninsula). I'll probably be out this weekend, but it's looking breezy and very gusty...
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    Repairing Seitech Dolly

    Well, I screwed that up quickly. Despite having brought my boat home on the club dolly so I'd have something to look at, I put the first section together wrong. Not sure it's a problem though. Instead of laying the axle tube on top of the center tube and joining it, I butted them up. So the axle...
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    Laser Purchase Imminent - Getting it Home

    There are lots of available. The owners just don't know it. Many abandoned or semi-abandoned Lasers at our club, taking up good spaces from the rest of us that actually sail. They're fixing that this year though. Abandoned will be sold, un-used will be moved farther from the water to free up the...
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    Laser Purchase Imminent - Getting it Home

    Glad to hear there will be another Laser on the lake. I've been out 3 times so far this year. Once in the full wetsuit, twice in the drysuit. Full wetsuit is fine if it's not too windy or you have help nearby. I prefer the drysuit for the safety though, plus it's just nicer for launching and...
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    Repairing Seitech Dolly

    Someone got me the angle. 110*. I bought 6 pieces of 3x3" 1/8" hot rolled steel today for $15. Only $4 for the material, but I wanted it cut because I'm lazy and my time is valuable. Gonna bolt it up and see what happens. If it works I'll paint the pieces something cool (red probably) and take...
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    ILCA, LaserPerformance and equipment changes

    Radial cut Full rig is really confusing. I hope they find a new name. Also interesting that "the current Dacron sail is expected to drop in price to $450 from its current $650 once the new sail is available". So just how much profit are those guys making if they can afford to cut 30% off and...
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    Repairing Seitech Dolly

    So I'm trying to repair a Seitech dolly that broke a few weeks ago. All three rear brackets are cracked up. I'm considering just using some sheet aluminum or steel as gussets and bolting it back together. Gouv even suggested making a kit and selling it. We'll see about that. I need to know the...
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    Polishing Foils

    I should probably fix all the chips and missing trailing corner on the daggerboard and rudder before I start worrying about which grit is faster.
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    Cold weather / frostbiting sailing gear - great article

    Gill drysuit. It's awesome. I was out today, just my sweat suit underneath, no worries at all. Granted, it was 50*/50* air/water, but still. I like it because if I break something and go in the water, I can wait a long time for rescue in a drysuit. In my wetsuit I'm afraid I'd get too cold after...
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    What Blade Bag?

    I've got the Intensity one as well. Really like it. Just FYI, you can still chip your daggerboard trailing edge if you drop it on the floor. Ask me how I know.
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    Roof racking or trailering... Vote for which you like best?

    Trailer for sure. I have my Right-On trailer. Boat lives on the dolly and rarely leaves the yacht club (although I'm hoping to change that this year), but when I do need to trailer it it's really simple to get it up there and the Seitech holds the boat by the gunwales.
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    Looking for Seitech Dolly or Parts

    Broke my Seitech on January 1st in an Ice Bucket regetta. Snapped at the T-joint. After looking at it, the axle joints and the heel joint are both somewhat cracked and will probably go soon. It's kind of expensive to get all the pieces to rebuild it. Does anyone have one they're looking to sell...