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    Help w/ Mast Wear Plate Confirmation

    looks fine to me, with light use. Install a wear plate....
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    Cleaning the deck

    Zud or Barkeepers Friend. No stain can survive their oxalic acid. Be advised that both are mildly abrasive. But try a Mr Clean Magic Eraser first. Those things are amazing.
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    Advice on finding and harnessing the wind at various points of sail

    Fastest point of sail is broad reach. With experience, you'll feel the wind on your ear, adjust without thinking, allowing you to focus on other important aspects like keeping the boat flat etc. For the moment, use the luff of the sail to guide your trim. As you accelerate, fall off slightly...
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    any tips on sailing in strong breeze?

    Also, sit a bit further forward when pointing. Periodically take a glance at the water coming off you stern to give you a sense of how the stern is digging in to the flow.
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    Can't open Inspection Port/Hatch

    Yes - silicone grease or spray, not sealant! I would not use Petroleum jelly, it tends to break down rubber and plastic over time. If your O-ring is neoprene, it is more resistant, but are you sure?
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    Can't open Inspection Port/Hatch

    Once you get it out,remove the oring, clean threads on both parts with a toothbrust and detergent. Use some silicone on the threads when reassembling.
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    Measuring Wind Strength

    I use two simple rules of thumb: 1. White caps start at 12 - 14 knots. It is 95% accurate (things like strong current can alter it). 2. The wind leaves parallel "lines" in the water at 20 knots. From those two observations, I can deduce 5 to 11, 12 - 15, 15 - 20, 20 and above. And that's...
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    Wondering if inspection port speakers would be possible?

    as would a couple of them valkyries...
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    bailer installation

    they use it as a gasket where the bailer screws in to the hull
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    Wondering if inspection port speakers would be possible?

    Dude, the water is singing a song the whole time you're sailing. What song could possibly enhance that? Now, it it's for intimidation or something during a race, that's different. "Ride of the Valkyries" as you steadily overtake some poor schmuck for example.
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    Nutty Sail...

    Had the old girl out for a few hours yesterday in advance of a line of T-Storms. STEADY 20, puffs to 25. Screaming broad reaches, falling off because the apparent wind was moving down, periodically pushing the tiller sharply to keep my 48 year old ass in the boat. I'm bloody sore...
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    ------ DECK PAINT HELP--------

    I keep hearing good things about the new Rustoleum marine paints. I know they are tougher than their regular enamel. If I do mine, I will spray this stuff with an HVLP sprayer...
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    teenager sailing standard laser

    yep - My 16 year old is 6'4" 185. He's fine to 25 knots (though his skills aren't quite up to it yet)
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    Non-Skid ideas and non-skid areas

    I'm interested in the answer. I can't see where any non skid is needed on a Laser.
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    Riveted bung

    Don't use 5200 - it'll never come out. I'd drill out the rivet, and try a slightly larger pan head screw with some 4200 or other silicone.