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    Looking for a decent old fish

    Looking for a decent old fish
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    SAILFISH Daggerboard and Rudder

    PS, do you have a photo?
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    "New" style Sunfish Rudder

    Do you still have the rudder/tiller, and the daggerboard for sale?
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    1976 Alcort Sunfish

    I'm curious to know if the boat is still available, and where are you located?
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    Pax River, MD - Hello - old Fish sailor looking again

    Hi - great site here; was a Sunfish and Minifish sailor in the late 1970s and early 1980s. That was 50 lbs and 3 decades ago... My teenage daughters have just started w/ local HS sailing club, and love it, sailing Vanguard Flying Juniors. Would love to find a decent old fish as a knockabout here...
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    Why did you choose sailing over a Powerboat?

    Have done both, have an old 27' power cruiser, a canoe, and we are looking to buy a used fish for my daughters who sail in their HS sailing club. Had a Minifish more that 30 years, and 50 lbs ago, which was a blast to sail, and have sailed Sunfish occasionally since. Different experiences, both...
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    Perfect Summer Fun - 73 SUNFISH

    Curious as to whether or not your sunfish is still for sale?
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    Older Fish for Sale

    Is your boat still for sale, and where are you located? Thnx!
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    1970 Sunfish For Sale

    Tell me about it. Any pics? Thnx!
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    1970 Sunfish For Sale

    Is your boat still for sale? I am interested for my daughters. - Ted, Hollywood, Maryland