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    Nationals Whos Sailing???

    Wish I could compete in it. Any thoughts on having a "second" nationals on the east coast? :D
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    spreader boots

    Thanks for the advice. I finally got some boots at WEst Marine, and used rigging tape to secure them. It seems to work.
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    spreader boots

    Thanks, Ed. You are right, rigging tape is best. I'm slowly (if not begrudginly) learning!!
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    spreader boots

    spreader boot You are right. I had to undo the other boot to see how it all works, and its just some wire connected to the shroud and goes through a small hole on the spreader. I finally found a boot at West Marine, and it seems to be holding up pretty well. THanks for the e-mail.
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    spreader boots

    Anybody know where I can get a "spreader boot"? I've checked with Catalina and they don't carry them in stock. I'm currently taping the shrowd to the spreader, but it keeps coming unravelling. Also, Ed, I enjoyed reading your discussion on windvanes in the August issue of Mainsheet. What's...
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    Boat Cover Manufacturers / Recommendations

    I also got one from Rooke located in Memphis, TN. It seemed a little pricey, but the people were very nice, and the cover fits great. It did a very nice job protecting the boat during the winter.
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    boom line

    I was at the Annapolis Boat Show last weekend and was looking at the new Catalina 14.2. It seems to have a topping line (?) [a line from the top of the mast to the aft end of the boom]. Mine doesn't have one. Is this a new feature? Is it advisable to get one? Any thoughts would be greatly...
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    Any Chesapeake 14.2 sailor here?

    My son's soccer game is in the AM, so, if folks are still sailing in the afternoon, I'll try and meet you then.
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    Any Chesapeake 14.2 sailor here?

    I sail the Middle River near Chase, MD just north of Baltimore. Its pretty good, although can get a little rough at times. I'd be happy to travel to Sandy's Point, too, for a group sail.
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    Outboard - what do I need?

    I have a Mercury 2.5 hp and it seemed to work pretty well. Very little throttle was needed to get me out of a small cove and onto the river. Its a short shaft, and that seems to just fine. But having an idle position definitely would have been a plus.
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    She flipped and turtled

    Where were you sailing? I sail in rivers off of the Chesapeake, and may need to think about putting a floation device on top of the mast.
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    Thinking about buying

    The boat is easy to sail and handle. A wonderful daysailer and great to learn many of the intricacies of sailing. Launching is not difficult at all, just rig it prior to putting it into the water. The boat handles very nicely, and is very responsive, so you must be alert. I sail on the east...