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    Looking for boat cover

    Mooring cover jplancaster, I have a mooring cover made by ths Sailor's Tailor which came with the boat I purchased this spring. The former owner just a had it made in 2006. Make sure you ask for snaps to attach it to the gunnel. The former owner said he got the cover with strap-type...
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    Looking for boat cover

    tarps What works for me is to stow the mast on the boat/trailer on crotches. This forms a natural peak for the tarp when draped over the mast. I use a quality tarp from Menards (Home depot) but be sure to get the silver one. Cost $15-20. I think it is about 15'x8' size-perfect for the...
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    What's your year/number?

    Sail number I just purchased a 2001 Capri, sail number is 5002. The sail number corresponds with the last four digits of the serial number on the transom, at least on my boat. That may clue you into the original sail number, if they did it that way back then. pat14.2
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    Electric Motor question. How to run the battery cable?

    Battery cable run Thank you Roger for the support. I sucessfully completed the project over the weekend. It was a real challenge fishing the cable through as I ran into air bags and had to cut two small holes in the forward bulkhead. I agree with you that it will definately be well worth the...
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    Electric Motor question. How to run the battery cable?

    Cable question Thanks for the feedback. I think I will try to run a fishtape back to the transom, and if it goes through, cut the holes. On my boat there is a very thin glassed bulkhead on either side if the hatch, and at the upper outboard corners there are small holes where the gunnel meets...
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    trolling motor with sealed battery? what size motor and battery?

    Battery The mod 3 I just bought came with an Optima gel battery. It is a lot heavier than a conventional battery. I was told by the local Marina parts guy that the only real advantage of the gel battery is that it is much less prone to damage from jarring, say for an off-road vehicle, but on a...
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    Electric Motor question. How to run the battery cable?

    I own a 2001 (mod 3). The former owner had stowed the battery in the cuddy and ran the cable through the open hatch into a battery box. I would like to improve on that by puting in a Bass Boat style plug so the hatch can be closed. I first thought to add the plug in the forward bulkhead and...
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    Stern Cleats

    Cleats Try looking at some of the major marine catalogs which cater to fishing boats. They have a small cleat that slips down into a pocket, and makes flush with the deck. This would solve any potential line fouling problems. These could be placed at the traditional locations in the gunnel.
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    14.2 Used boat price info

    Used boat prices Fred, Last Saturday, I purchased a 2001 with galvanized trailer, electric trolling motor,battery and it came with a custom mooring cover, in real nice condition for $3.500. This was from an individual. A few weeks ago, I was looking at a 2002 model with trailer which sold...
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    capri 14 rudder needed

    Need rudder Go into Ebay, home, and type in "catalina 14.2" The rudder assembly is currently at $56.55 with 3 days left on the bidding. The shipping looks a little steep though. It looks brand new. Pat14.2
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    capri 14 rudder needed

    Looking for rudder Check Ebay. I just saw one, brand new for sale.
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    2002 Catalina 14.2 Sailboat with Trailer for Sale, Oshkosh, WI

    Looking for boat I realize this is an old posting, but do you still have this boat for sale? I am in NE Wisconsin, and am looking a newer boat for family sailing. pat14.2