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    Replacing Foil Sticker In Cockpit

    Hey, I've an odd problem, which I have never seen before. The foil sticker in the cockpit which says the hulls sail number etc has faded almost completely. The details can vaguely be made out but today I noticed it was starting to come loose at the top. Is there anyway to get a replacement...
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    Telltales of the 2002 Laser Worlds

    Use what works best for you not what works best for someone else, ESP not world and olympic champions! Given the level those guys sail at I doubt they even need to look at the sail to know what its doing the majority of the time You need to position the tell tails in the positions of the sail...
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    question for guys who do a lot of frostbiting

    I frostbite in Ireland and i'd say our weather is pretty much the same temp as yours. I just wear rooster 3/4 length pro hikers, thermal rash vest, life jacket and smock over the lot. When the temp really drops I put a aquafleece under the smock for a little more insulation. I also have a pair...
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    Bloody Books!

    Dude, funniest thing I've read in a while, legend! On a serious note, I used to straight my old top section (some 6 years ago) with a beer keg at either end, sit on it and bounce up and down to straighten. As soon as I rammed on the vang for the first beat it was permanently bent again.
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    Flying Laser!

    cant see the image :( is it the one as torrid's avatar? EDIT: never mind I just wasn't logged in! Savage picture, how did it manage to get the full hull out of the water?
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    Deck Grips

    I guess thats a no then... may find tape that easily removed for the summer then, i'll just use it for club racing in the winter months! Pulled that info from here ([6294].pdf) if anyone needs it
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    Laser Spring Cleaning

    I very fine sand should do the job, leaving the underside with a fine matt finish. Weather it has any speed advantage over a polished hull I dont know. I do know the polished hull looks better :)
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    Deck Grips

    Lately I've found myself having a little slide on the small part of the gunnel running around the boat thats not gripped like the majority of the decking, only in certain conditions but its starting to frustrate me. I dont have the problem with my regular hikers as the surface of the pads has...
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    Always give your main sheet a sharp tug to stop it catching in the transom, try crossing the boat earlier and try not to roll the boat into the gybe too much. if your still having trouble pile on the kicker and you should find more comfort. Oh and practice sailing by the lee if your not doing...
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    Holiday Sailing or Boating Plans?

    Im planning a few days in the pro vela centre on the mar-menor in south spain in feb sometime, try my hand at some foiling moths and a bit of laser sailing. No better way to top up the tan eh :D
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    Wanted: Radial Sail - good to very good

    Hi, I'm looking for a used radial sail in good to very good condition. Ideally something someone bought for a circut/national/international event and would like to sell after little use. UK or Ireland preferablly but if your in the US and can get a good shipping quote I would be interested as...
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    Vang to daggerboard....

    Ok its kinda starting to sound like where you tie the vang aint causing the problem :confused: If your having a problem cranking it on join a gym and build up some upper body muscle! If its where your fixing your vang line, stop fixing it there and try something else. I've no pics of my set up...
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    Rolled vs folded sails

    your defo looking WAY too much into this. I like the example used about about carbon ext's Sails are supplied rolled and folded. From my understanding, windsurfing sails are never folded. You order, it comes rolled, no choice! And their under so much tension it wouldn matter if they were...
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    Vang to daggerboard....

    Out of interest what vang are you using?
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    Rolled vs folded sails

    considering theres little if any difference i dont think theres anything wrong with it!