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    Lube the rudder

    PB Blaster plus a little time, or a Dremel if nothing else!
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    Lube the rudder

    I made mine from a couple of butter container lids. Once you put it together, no one can see 'em anyway. Regarding assembly, turn the rudder flat on its side (so you're not fighting gravity) and slide both spacers into place. It shouldn't take long to get them lined up and insert the bolt.
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    Some Fiberglass/Gel coat Advice

    Gel coat is really quite simple to do in small areas like that. West Marine makes one with the wax mixed in, so no need to cover it as it dries, etc. You can mix it with the hardener in a very small quantity (tint it if desired), dab it on a little higher than needed, then sand w/ 600 to 1000...
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    sunfish questions

    Something like a Sea Snark might fit the bill a little better if going in the drink is really that unappealing. Think of a bathtub with a sail, and you've pretty much got it--slow but stable. On the other hand, if you learn to sail on a Sunfish, you'll find that capsizing isn't that horrible...
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    wooden tiller

    Ash is available at all Home Depots, etc. -- in the form of shovel and post hole digger handles! I bought a post hole digger handle last year, ripped it veritically on either side to make to the 3/4" or so width, then sanded and varnished that baby to make a great-looking tiller. Funny thing...
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    Hairline cracks in gelcoat-Need to fix?

    I'll chime in on the hairline cracks to say "no worries"--they're simply a fact of life as fiberglass boats age. As long as there is no structural damage to the fiberglass itself (which should be noticeable when pressing hard), you've got nothing to worry about. Go sailing and enjoy the time...
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    You be the judge !

    Not quite as pretty, but Intensity Sails sells a fantistic race-cut sail (white) for only $149.99 plus shipping. I bought one last year and am extremely happy with it! It's not class legal, but for someone who just wants the best bang for the buck, it's the cat's meow... Kevin
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    Tiller Tips

    I use the stick-on pads that typically protect hardwood floors from furniture. Placing one on the right part of the tiller handle does wonders!
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    Sunfish or Zuma?

    Not wanting to make waves, but the Zuma is a great one-man boat as well. In fact, I often sailed solo on mine. Like the Sunfish, it's really a very light boat, weighing in at 130 lbs. (the same as a SF) but with a 5' beam. The advantage is that it can also carry more crew. Don't think of it...
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    Sunfish or Zuma?

    I owned a Zuma for several years. Great little boat, and I've often regretted selling it (but then again, I've regretted selling ALL my sailboats! :)). At any rate, it is considerably dryer than a SF, is more comfortable to sail on, less quirky (no lateen rig, gooseneck adjustments, etc.), and...
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    cutting metal bailer

    if you use the brute force (hammer) method, be sure to support the hull very well around the drain so that you don't crack anything. I removed mine last year from a '72 using a spiral saw (Rotozip). I put the spiral bit in the hole and CAREFULLY cut sideways until I was through the side of the...
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    Use holesaw for inspection port?

    I've always used a Rotozip, or spiral saw, for these kind of jobs. It cuts with what looks like a drill bit but is actually a cutting blade. This offers a very smooth method of cutting fiberglass, without all the bouncing around that a skillsaw or jigsaw can cause. I cut a 6" port in my '72...
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    hiking strap retro how to seal bolts

    5200 is a permanent adhesive, so only use it when you're sure that you'll never want to remove whatever you're installing. If you do have to remove something installed with 5200, plan on cutting or breaking away the gelcoat and possibly fiberglass to get it off. So between the two, silicone is...
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    repair ?

    Basically, cover the bow of a goood SF with something to prevent adhesion. I've known people to use wax or oil (WD40), or some kind of mechanical film like wax paper for these kinds of repairs. Choose your favorite substance (Great Stuff, clay, plaster of paris, paper mache, etc.) and cover a...
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    Rooftop Bunks?

    I solved the problem just about as simply as you can on my minivan w/ no roof rack. I went to Walmart and bought 3 oversized swim noodles (about 5" in diameter). I simply place those on top of the van, set the Sunfish on them upside down (with the front noodle just in front of the splash...