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    FACEBOOK GROUP Catalina 14.2

    I realize I'm responding to a post that is 5 years old. I created a Facebook group last night for Catalina 14.2 owners, then thought to check here. When I saw this, I deleted my group and sent a request to the one linked above. I've not heard back yet -- granted it's not even been 24 hours since...
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    Forestay attachment

    Thank you. Yes, there is, which I was aware of. It was set one away from the end so I had planned to max it out. However, that alone would not be enough to fully solve my issue -- which, it turns out, is an issue. North Sails has a tuning guide, which I found after I wrote. It suggests the stay...
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    Forestay attachment

    Questions related to forestay (furling jib actually): I just bought a 2008 14.2. To put the furling jib forestay on, which I did for the first time this evening, my wife and I had to pull down VERY hard in order to get the pin in on the middle hold. To take it off, I had to push forward on the...