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    Was the sailcloth actually rejected by the Victoria's Secret supplier because it was

    Re: Was the sailcloth actually rejected by the Victoria's Secret supplier because it this thread sounds hauntingly familiar, but i'll dive in again cuz it irks me when people lose sight of the objectives... 1. one design racing is cool cuz it means that money doesn't (necessarily) win. 2...
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    Hull Prep

    Here is the text cut and pasted from the rules: 11. HULL FINISH (a) Waxing, polishing and fine wet and dry sanding of the hull is permitted, provided the intention and effect is to polish the hull only. Polishing/sanding shall not be used to remove mould imperfections. (b) Sanding and...
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    Intensity Sails

    Same same... we wouldn't mind paying the price if it lasted longer, wouldn't mind them crapping out so quickly if they were cheaper. I assume that everyone here knows that laser sails are 2 dimensional, that there is no panel shape, that instead, the airfoil shape is forced into the sail by...
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    Intensity Sails

    agreed. therefore let's experiment with today's materials and come up with a sail that lasts!
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    Intensity Sails

    woohoo! i'm gonna wade in here... must be a brain defect! OK, J24's banned fancy-ass fabrics from class legal sails to keep the costs down, so you had to have dacron sails. Well as keelboaters now know, laminated plastic sails are now as cheap as dacron and last longer so the rule no longer...
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    Minimum Outhaul Cunningham Purchase?

    Hi! I've just installed the new turning block plate and the cam cleat kit and now I'm reconfiguring/making new lines. It seems like it's really easy to make a 4:1 cunningham and a 6:1 outhaul, but is that enough? I'm a 5'10" male and it seems like I can stretch the crap out of the sail with...
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    sticky hiking strap / boots

    not to hijack the thread, but i went for a breezy summer sail a while back barefoot and when i got back i'd rubbed all the skin off and ended up with HUGE weeping abrasions on the top of my feet... now i drive a desk for a living so i'm looking at socks and thinking i'm screwed and then... the...
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    Laser Sailors do it ........

    Re: Laser Sailers do it ........ saw this on a t-shirt... not laser specific, but you could drop the 'do it' and have laser sailers...luff 'em and leave em
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    Frozen Assets

    Well the Frozen Assets regatta was great! The weather was sunny with 10-15 knots of breeze both days... I completely sucked, but it was good racing with 17 Lasers and about 30 boats altogether. Hope to see you in sunny Victoria BC next year! Results...
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    The latest and Greatest Outhaul Rigging

    There is an article with the 'latest' outhaul on dr.laser... do a search on dr.laser outhaul and you'll find it. It'll say you've gotta be some kind of member to read it but if you're in North America (which you are!) you can get access just by verifying that your computer's IP address is in the...
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    Rule Jockeys... What do you think?

    I'd like to cleat my out haul on the boat so I can actually adjust it during the race... Now, the rulebook says I can have any type of mainsheet cleat I want mounted in the indicated area and also that I can attach the free end of my outhaul to 'any deck fitting'... So, if I install a...
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    Air bags vs. foam

    I'm no expert, but if you're thinking the whole inside of the boat is foam, it's not. I beleive you will find there are a couple of large foam blocks glassed onto the interior of the hull, but it's by no means 'foam filled'. If the foam has turned to mush you will have to cut it out and replace...
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    Can't speak for everyone else, but I think the thing that offends me most is that I have to come up with a workaround because of the arbitrary and dogmatic insistance of the ILCA that we must use the fairlead. There is no doubt that it adds unnecessary friction and also no doubt that the better...
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    Wet sand bottom - What grit?

    I was going to wet sand my hull as it has some oxidiation... Do you guys recommend this and if so, 400? 600? 1200? and then should I wax afterwards? Thanks for the input!
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    ILCA Interpretations to the Class Rules

    Bradley, I know this is probably nothing you don't already know/ haven't already done, but in an abundance of caution, on the off-chance you haven't, you can make an application to to list your site and if it's not a commercial site they will do it for free. It would help the site...