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    full and radial

    Thanks for the reply. No trailer or dolly I presume ?
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    1979 Laser Full rig

    i have a 1979 Laser full rig. Sail works but is old and soft so would need a new one if you want to win races, hence the cheap price (sail has a couple of repairs in too) No trailer or dolly. Mast step is solid, and does not leak, doesn't leak and has had a few parts of the rigging replaced with...
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    Wanted laser radial

    Are you still looking ? I have a laser standard 1979 hull which will definitely fit in your price range and then you could just buy the radial rig.
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    full and radial

    What year is the hull ?
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    Laser Deck Covers

    Yeah I have the SLO sail. I bought it on ebay for $100 shipped and it is great quality, I keep all of my mast pieces, boom and sail underneath it. Great quality, esp for the price.
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    Camera holder for Laser

    shrubser, your video is set to private :( Anyway I have the Waterproof Kodak Play Sport camera which takes fantastic HD video for the price. I just need to make a mount for it.
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    iPad Anyone?

    Like someone else said, I am struggling to find a use for the iPad, so probably will not get one. Once the novely wears off I am sure some people will stop using them as much. Bradley, hope you are not one of the early adopters that had their email and SIM card ID exposed. I have an iPhone and...
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    Wanted laser radial

    where in Seattle do you plan to sail ? I am going to start sailing off the Shillshole marina.
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    Laser for sale # 170311

    you may find that selling your boat in the FOR SALE thread rather than the WANTED Ads thread to be more effective....;)
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    Wife controls my laser sailing

    or grow some balls and be a man rather than a pxxxy and letting your wife dictate what you do....
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    Laser Trailer

    Looking for a cheap road trailer to hitch to the back of my car for SHORT trip to the water. I really cant be bothered roof topping my laser. could drive down to Portland and up to Bellingham. I live in Seattle. If you have one to sell hit me up and how much you are asking.