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    Right-On Trailer

    Thanks...the Florida law indicates a red 12"X12" flag is required if the overhang is over 4 foot...looks like the Laser hangs over the right on trailer just at 4 foot.
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    Right-On Trailer

    Thanks for the input. Any issues with the long overhang from the back of the you need to hang a red flag....use reflectors or add a light on the back of the laser for night driving? Thx.
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    Trailer for Laser

    ISO trailer for Laser. SW Florida. Thanks.
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    Right-On Trailer

    Has anybody used a 'Right on Trailer' where a Laser sits on the dolly and they both sit on the trailer. Pros or Cons? Thanks
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    Brand New - RightOn Trailer

    Is this trailer still available?
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    Laser Trailer - Sarasota Area

    Wanted: Inexpensive Laser trailer
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    Laser 2009 - $5,500 Lots of Extras Sarasota FL

    Is this boat sold? What is the condtion of the hull & sails? Is your price set or will you go with best offer/