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    Two Radial Sails - For Sale

    Sorry, contact me via my cell @ onthegoed(at)gmail(dot)com
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    Two Radial Sails - For Sale

    I sold my Laser Full Rig quite a few years back, I have since found two Radial sails. Just the sails, NO battens, NO mast sections, No sail bags. One is in fairly good condition only being used for races, bought new but not with the boat, numbered 152057 . The other I have is much older that...
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    Why did you choose sailing over a Powerboat?

    I've always had family and friends with power boats of all types. It's good to get from point A, to point B. Hell, I'm hurling the whole ride while deep sea fishing. But had no problem ocean racing on a forty footer. Sailing has always been a journey. It's like surfing, it's that whole...
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    New to sailing - Advice needed

    Welcome Elias, Hopefully this helps you a little. Only if you have the expendable income. A Laser will retain a good bit of it's value as long as the boat is in tip-top shape. If your un-sure, buy a well looked for used boat. Back when I bought my Laser I was able to save over $1500 by buying a...
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    Sunfish sailor in Sports Illustrated

    Wow. Cool note. Hold old is she?
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    Hurricane Irene

    We typically loose power in the tiniest storm. We stocked up on lanterns, propane for them and the grill, battery operated toys for the kids, and so on. All in anticipation of losing our power for days. We got super lucky, as only one or two streets in about a square mile who never lost power.
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    Hurricane Irene

    The day following Irene was beautiful, 83 degrees and howling all day. The local lake the evacuated and shut down due to Irene, opportunity lost. Dang IT
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    Easy water side storage?

    Van Sciver. I'm hoping to pick up a Hobie cheap this winter. Something this Sunfish is to heavy or to boring. Probably both- Upset they shut the lake down this weekend due to the hurricane. I was planning on sailing about now, being they forcasted the storm to be long gone by now. The...
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    Easy water side storage?

    This is a excellent idea. The terrain is quite similar, just a little higher. I have been keeping it on a actual walking dock most of the season. I may create something like what you have here this winter/spring.
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    ^^^ what they said. Good luck with it!
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    Anyone watching the America's Cup series?

    No interest? Action starts at about 9:45 eastern time if I'm converting it correctly. There should only be one race and the speed tests. Live coverage will not be that long probably. More wind is the forecast for today, so hopefully will see a lot more hulls out of the water-
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    Anyone watching the America's Cup series?

    They are racing off Portugal all week. First race this morning was abandoned to lack of wind. Artemis took the second race and Oracle Spithill just took the third race after being DSQ the second. The wind is crazy, and the boats are awesome. I'm looking forward to the top speed test, hopefully...
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    There I fixed it: Sunfish Edition

    What's with the chain across the cockpit? Is that the sheet?
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    Faye Bennett

    I'm bumping this as its close to a few years since her passing. And as I rebuilt my brothers old Sunny this summer, I really started looking back on my career as a Junior on LBI, and searching up all the old names. Faye (and her husband Jake) really played a crucial role in my life, they...
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    Proper method for naming a boat?

    My grandfather named his old motor boat after his 3 children. The first 2 letters from each of their names. KaMaLo. I will follow in the naming process as soon as I have a boat big enough to name, CarBenDel- Just call it "A Hole", in the water to throw money in to