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    Sunfish for Christmas

    walmart sells a neat collapsable alum oar that fits in space behind cockpit. also see cafepress website for neat shirts and stuff for sunfish
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    Looking for great condition sunfish close to NJ or Northeast PA

    go to craigslist north jersey and search on boats/sunfish, plenty out there, all conditions.
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    How do you carry the mast and sail?

    what size diameter and length are these tubes??
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    anybody know what this is?

    I'd throw it out on ebay as a pickup only item for 50 bucks!. somebody out there wants it!
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    Minifish Sailboat Restoration

    sent email
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    Minifish Sailboat Restoration

    I have a minifish t shirt brand new size xl for 15, plus five shipping.
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    Mast height

    not sure, but 9 ft mast is size on mini fish.
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    Old Seadog....New trick

    I've been on medicare a few years now and when I sail for fun, I sit down in cockpit with a cushion under me and one for my back. works great!
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    Motorizing a Sunfish...

    how about some oarlocks and collapsible oars.?
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    Minifish compared to Sunfish

    I have owned both a minifish and still own a sunfish. I can tell you that I'm on medicare and 40 lbs lighter makes quite a difference when moving. very easy for two people to lift. I brought a minifish from new jersey to kentucky on top of my car with a foam type canoe rack in a snowstorm and...
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    My Yacht Club Needs Your Help!!!

    I'm in, good luck!
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    Sunfish boat cover recommendations

    antique cars
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    Sunfish boat cover recommendations

    I use few dryer sheets to ward off mice in my antique over long storage times. They hate the smell and take off.
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    back support

    thanks, thats good stuff
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    Super Porpoise restoration. Need info please. Have pictures

    check out sunfish forum, pics of garage find almost new super porpoise. shows decal in one pic