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    MKII sail in light air

    The sail takes alot longer to break in. It should be faster upwind in 3 knots and above.
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    Help finding a spare part

    West coast sailing has the old style half turn plugs. I think they are the the white ones.
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    Upgrade Rigging

    If you do get the new vang, you should get the sleeve that goes inside the boom for extra strength. I think it cost 35 dollars.
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    Super stoked for my new sail

    I just bought one at the sailing pro shop. they still have 5 or 6 left.
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    Mark II Standard Sail

    Everything fits the same. I made black marks on the cunningham and outhaul with the class sail and put up the practice sail and the marks were less than 1 inch different.
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    Mark II Standard Sail

    I have the practice sail and class legal sails, you do not have use the same amount of vang. Sailing upwind I just snug it up and that seems to work. I almost never get the sail block to block, mostly 6" apart.
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    New design Standard Sail

    It looks like you can pre order the sail from West Coast sailing for 530.oo dollars. I used the new practice for 6 months and the shape is still great. It's not any faster but it's going to last a lot longer.
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    Bent Deck Plate - Why???

    I heard from a laser dealer that the stainless steel comes from China on the newer plates, thats why they look rusty after 2 times out in salt water.
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    Baggy luff on Intensity radial sail...but why?

    It's hot a problem on class legal sails, and it won't be as bad after the sail breaks in. I sail in summer afternoons where the winds are normally 15 knots and the Intensity sail will last about a year. I wish I could say that about the class sail.
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    Baggy luff on Intensity radial sail...but why?

    I use Intensity sails all the time. What works for me downwind is cunningham all the way off and use a little vang just so the fold goes away.
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    Ridges + Ribbing in Gel Coat. IDEAS?

    I hope they give you a replacement. I was thinking about getting a new laser this year to replace my 2007. Now I might wait and see what happens to you. If you buy a new boat that should not happen.
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    Handicapping in a one-design fleet

    You can split the fleet with class A and a class B. It's not good to slow the fast sailors down.
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    No mast well on 1983 Laser

    It sure looks like my old laser 2
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    Rudder Gudgeon Hole Spacing

    i just put them on 2 days ago. The new ones were black, and I bought them from a laser store
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    Rudder Gudgeon Hole Spacing

    I have a 94 and it also has Made in England on the gudgeons. I bought laser ones for replacement and they fit fine.