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    Wind vane

    I shattered the wind vane on my C 14.2 a couple of years ago, and would like to replace it. What mount am I looking for? Most of the vanes I have found on the Internet require a different mount. Thank you for any assistance.
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    jib coming off line.

    thank you thank you for your advice on the hanks. It sounds like I should have them replaced over the winter. I'm also happy to know I'm not the only person having problems with them.
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    jib coming off line.

    We are very new to this, but have discovered an issue you might be able to help me with. We rig at the dock, and our jib has the plastic device that twists and hooks around the front stay, I guess it is called. But when we get out on the water, two or three of the plastic things come...
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    Should I use jib

    My wife wants to sail, but doesn't want to help. I've been told that I shouldn't tie the jib off. Should I not use jib, tie it off, or make my wife hold the line. Yes, I'm a newbie, but I'd hate to be moving up and down the cockpit and get in trouble if the mainsheet will get me around...
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    cleaning the compartment

    I bought an old Capril last fall and am trying to get it ready. I finally opened the compartment (should have aired it out) and found mildew over equipment and a covering on the bottom of the compartment. Can it be hosed out? Would chemicals (bleach, or something else) hurt the boat? I'm...