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    do you sail in the rain?

    Yep! But rarely by choice. And never by choice at 50 degrees. Although I was POd at my fleet this August for canceling our races because it was only 57 degrees and drizzle. Me thinks the real reason of the cancellation was the 15 mph winds with gusts higher than that. Our fleet commander...
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    Eagle Creek, IN?

    Try giving Sailboats Inc. a call (if they are still in business). I bet they know the answer to your question. Mike B. (Formerly from Fishers)
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    First craft

    Tommy, I found my sunfish by posting "Wanted To Buy" posts at three locations: The Sunfish Forum, and Craig's List (, and Yahoo Groups SunfishSailer.
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    Title/Bill of sale???

    Chris, Looks like things have changed in Indiana since 1999 or 2000 when I tried to register a sailboat I purchashed from Michigan. The Carmel, IN DMV supervisor wouldn't allow me to register the sailboat without a title from Michigan. The problem was, Michigan law didn't require a title on...
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    Hi, newby needs help... and parts.

    If you don't find what you need through this site, you might want to also check on Craigslist and Ebay.
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    Ratchet block question

    Yes you can turn the block around to make it work. The Harkin 019 is a standardly used block on the Sunfish. I personally prefer the Harkin 2625. The 2625 can be rotated. Whichever block you use, I recommend you use a standup spring. A Harkin 071 spring fits the 019 and 2625 block.
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    New to sunfish racing

    Depends on the club! The fleet I am registered to does not require sail numbers. But we are a small fleet. Last year our fleet held a midwest regatta and the sail numbers on the sail were not required but a sail number was required to race and all you had to do was show your sail number ID...
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    capsizing sunfish?

    Bella, I would not be afraid to capsize a sunfish if I were you. Besides, it is a great way to cool off on a hot day. Your idea of practicing on a light wind day is good plan. People have been using the centerboard to right a Sunfish as well as other type centerboard boats for years.
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    Small pits on daggerboard

    Which version of daggerboard, FRP (Plastic) or wood? Pits in the white paint of the FPR or varnish of the wood one?
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    Here's My Plan; Any Suggestions?

    I have a Viking bag on my inspection port that is great. I put a couple of water bottles in there and along with my cell phone in a Zip Lock Freezer Bag. The freezer bag is a little bit thicker than the regular zip lock bag. Those waterproof bags from LL Bean, or where I got mine at Cabellas...
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    Bailer -- Can I hybridize? JUST PLUG?

    Scott Thanks for the tip. My bailer instructions said I could pt the o-ring in the cockpit or on the hull. I went for the hull location thinking that was the best location to keep water out but wasn't thinking at all about weeds catching on that slight gap. Our lake weeds up about now...
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    noob mainsheet questions

    A ratchet block carries a learning curve. I learned to sail with a main sheet cleat. Our family Lido 14 came with a cleat similar to your H241. I didn't know anything different and sailed for 35 years on all kind of boats with main sheets cleated, from the 14' Lido up to a 42' monohull. I...
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    Bailer -- Can I hybridize? JUST PLUG?

    Petrel, I have a 73 sunfish and replaced the aluminum bailer last year with the plastic bailer. Yes, the plactic bailer fit my hull just fine. Removing the aluminum bailer was a challenge. The nut on the top of the bailer assembly, that holds the bailer to the boat was fused to the shaft...
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    Help With Trailer for Super Porpoise

    I just deleated my post info. I forgot you were asking about super porpoise and my info was about Sunfish blocks and port locations. Sorry for the wasting the space on this thread.
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    Help With Trailer for Super Porpoise

    Those rear bunks (which are pretty easy to recarpet) look like they have some width adjustments available on the trailer frame mounts. You should be able to move those in or out to better fit your sailboat. You will likely need to build a small cradle or bracket up near the front of your boat...