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    New Laser daggerboard brake

    You'll have to make sure you update us on both the Activate and the brake. We've an Activate happening at Crosby SC near Liverpool on 21st March. I was thinking about buying a brake at the boat show, not too sure now !!
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    Requesting Identification of Mystery Items

    I have a piece of velcro in that location. Although the outhaul and downhaul lines route through the compass and over the top of the XD bracket. They don't hold the compass fully in place. The other bit of velcro is on the bottom of the compass bracket. It just holds it far more steady. Its not...
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    Sail cloth comparison between legal and "replica"

    I think I've started one of those moaning threads !!! All I was asking was.... Is the cloth for a standard sail the same material as the radial & 4.7 sail, or are they different ? It stems from a difference of opinion as to whether using a "copy" sail was the same as an " manufacturer"...
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    Hunts SC Open meeting 29th August 2009

    Paul , are you sure that your dates are correct ?
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    Sail cloth comparison between legal and "replica"

    Hi , I am trying to find out if a standard size rig and radial size rig sail cloths are the same or different. At our club we have a couple of replica sail users who want to race alongside "legal" sail users. To make them welcome we propose setting them a modified yardstick. I need to convince...