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    New hi-tech transparent rec sail under development

    I guess approx $700+ in quantities at this stage -- now working MKII sail
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    New hi-tech transparent rec sail under development

    Also on Sunfish Listserve. for discussion/comments
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    Daggerboard direction

    Bruce Sutphin yrs ago swore that the long side, went fwd. This is usually the T.E. He was a World Champion so may be best??
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    sold today
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    Older Sunfish with multi colored Class approved North sail with window/numbers (has a few patches) + halyard/sheet + mahogany brd./rudder. Hull has 2 inspection ports. Good kid off-the-beach boat. located Guilford, Ct.
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    AMF Alcort Brochures 1974 and 1982

    Daggerboard orientation was a hot discussion topic back in the 70/80s for racing. The late and great Bruce Sutphen (World Champ) insisted that the long edge should face fwd for optimum hydrodynamic efficiency
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    "frozen" pintle pin in alum. rudder cheeks

    The problem is with a Force 5 pin, but about same as a Sunfish--I have tried soaking in penetrating oil/heat/banging on it--but still NG. I don't want to break the aluminum--any suggestions appreciated. Thanks Odie 27777
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    Ten Cate Sunfish

    The stickers were passed out to folk and were common way back. What are your needs for the old hull?--I have a few olde parts available.
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    Chinese Built Boats

    Alan, I have asked Class officers several times to talk to this issue, but soo far no replies. I hear that the worlds boats held up ok and looked good. I assume ?? all boats offered in US will now be Chinese. Try local dealer and get back to forum. Pls. if anyone from the Class reads this...
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    Always better for the hull if you can get help and trail the boat upside down. Trailing with deck up can result in indents in the hull depending on your support configuration.
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    another daggerboard question

    The problem with the all of the old woodie boards is that they are too small in area. Classic hydrodynamics recommend a certain ratio of sail area to appendages (brd. + rudder areas). When the Class (Larry Cochran- Ct.) re-designed the daggerboard to go f'glass, we lengthened the board to...
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    Daggerboard humming....kinda fixed

    Back when we were racing with old woodies, we engineers at Pratt & Whitney did some serious research on the subject. We found that an elliptical leading edge on the brd really improved performance. This is better than a sharp LE cause the boat makes allot of leeway causing all kinds of angle...
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    Double Deck Trailer

    Mark, I modified a trailer a few yrs ago to make it double capable. No need for welding; I bought a set of truck ladder racks that just bolted to the metal trailer frame. Since I had a center PVC tube to carry the sail/spars, I had to elevate the upper rack. Two plastic "Tuff Boxes" did the...
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    1969 sunfish: dry and light

    Have you weighed the hull? I see it has the old rudder system.