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    Red Dragon Yachts

    hahahaha yes it does look like a flying scot. those things are fun to sail
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    This Certainly is a Silly Thread

    ahhh this is a funny thread
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    Drugs and sailing.

    haha yea drugs and sailing do not mix so well
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    Honest Opinion, What's Better?

    haha thanks guys. and dylan i definately know what u mean. he is f*&^ing annoining but he is a good sailor and he has taught me a lot.
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    Rigging help in Lake Geneva, WI.

    i wish i lived in wisconsin lol
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    Honest Opinion, What's Better?

    yea i completely understand lol. i mean it takes a good 12kt to get ur crew to hike decently. what college do u sail for? and if u know amy hawkins or max lopez i go to school with him
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    Dolly Tire Replacement?

    personally i do not use a dolley, even though i should. i did not buy one for that reason, i just load it up into my pick-up and put a few layers of towels underneath to make sure no damage is done to the hull. but if u can find a place where u can fix ur dolley good for u
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    Honest Opinion, What's Better?

    i sailed for monsignor donovan hs but we use OCC's boats. why do u go to OCC?
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    Honest Opinion, What's Better?

    For the spring season for school we(the school/s) have been sailing club 420's, but at a collegic rules (no spinnaker or trapeze)... and now i am just starting to get into laser sailing... which do you find "better" or more enjoyable? and yes sometimes sailing with a parter can get annoining...
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    Buy a Laser for 750?

    there are a couple of threads that i found to check what exactly is legal. i dont remember the adresses, but they are out there. check'em out
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    Buy a Laser for 750?

    thanks everyone for getting back so soon. for the work on the hull. it has a few cracks (3) on the outside-bottom, but the person selling it to my water sealed it from the inside. and there is a hole in the cockpit but the people selling it to me are going to fix that as well. and yea it...
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    deck repairs

    i was thinking about doing something along those lines with a 470. if you are comfortable with doing that then go ahead, but if not then bring it someplace and have them repair it. sure it might cost u some money. but at least u know that its done well and you wont have a problem with it any...
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    Buy a Laser for 750?

    I have the opportunity to buy a few year old laser for 750$.... including sails and mast and all that other crap (no dolly/trailer)... but here is the prolbem... it needs some work on the hull... and it needs new hardware(not to much)... and it needs a painjob... should i buy it or do you think...