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    Sailing in heavy winds

    Yes a reefable storm main and a non reefable storm jib !
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    Sailing in heavy winds

    I have a set of storm sails that are great for days like we had today. Whitecaps and gusty winds strong enough to make the shrouds whistle. It makes for exciting but tiring sailing and we did capsize once, but my son and I are getting pretty good at righting the boat, I actually climbed over...
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    Cubby Upgrade

    The bags in my model 1 leave plenty of room for running wires. They look like they are 1 foot by 1 foot by 1 foot in size, and maybe six bags on each side. I expect the bags haven't changed for the model 2. John
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    Installing a ladder?

    Where did you get the Teak?
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    Shroud protectors

    I put pvc water pipe on mine :) John
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    Installing a ladder?

    Thank you for the reply Greg. My boat already has the deck plates installed on the vertical part of the seat. It may be a bit harder to position the backing material because of the working angle. For the inside backing plate closest to the center of the transom, how did you make sure you...
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    Removal of the centerboard - process?

    That's how it worked on my 86. We pulled the boat partway off the trailer and supported the aft end on saw horses and 2 by 6s so we could lower the centerboard. This allowed us to pull the board straight up after unscrewing the 4 screws. I was really careful taking the screws out and...
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    Installing a ladder?

    I want to install a ladder on my capri. When we heave to in the middle of the lake, a rope is just too hard to use getting back in. And with the temperatures in the 100's, you gotta cool off ! Has anyone installed a ladder on the transom? If you did, how did you attach it? I think...
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    She's a Hummer

    When I sail fast enough my boat hums. Does anybody know what causes it? John
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    Baby Bob saved the day !

    I tied an extra bit of rope onto the main halyard and sailed at a lake without power lines over the boat ramp. What a concept! Raising the mast and attaching the sails in the parking lot on the trailer sure was a lot easier. I bet it was 15 minutes or less and we were ready for the water...
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    Baby Bob saved the day !

    I know the feeling. My main halyard is a bit too short, and twice now while preparing to raise the main the end has gotten away and run all the way to the pulley. Down comes the mast. And what's the deal the jib halyard pulley? All it does is stop the jib halyard from reaching all...
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    "Sailing with motor attached"

    Does your motor mount screw onto the transom or just drop over the top and use weight to keep it in place?
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    Baby Bob saved the day !

    Thanks Rob, we motored to the highest stretch of wires where the lines left the shore, but I still coudn't tell how much clearance there was, so we dropped the mast and motored straight to the dock. While dropping the mast the wind blew us up against the rocks. I have a lot of new scratches...
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    Baby Bob saved the day !

    We went out sailing yesterday for the third time in my 86 model 1. The first two times we went there was almost no wind, so with the wind forecast to be 10-25 I had my hopes up. The nearby lake I am learning to sail on has power lines over the boat ramp so I have to tie up to the dock to...
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    Centerboard Repair Questions (with pics!)

    Centerboard Painting I bought my model 1 last month and am working on getting it ready to sail next Friday. A friend that does bodywork recomended sanding the centerboard down to fiberglass and painting with an epoxy paint. So I sanded down to fiberglass and after talking with the West...