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    2017 Laser 212599 w/Dolly and Trailer

    Is boat still for sale? I live in Dallas.
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    Laser slalom course

    Well, our little group is looking to have a heavy wind slalom at our little lake right off the club dock, making it a spectator event! The primary class at our club, the Flying Scot, doesn't sail in wind exceeding 25 mph, so the idea is to sail the Laser slalom during a FS blowout. In our neck...
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    Laser slalom course

    Thanks so much. What is the recommended distance between marks? Also, and this is through the murk of time, I recall Tillman had a trash bag at the leeward end of the string of marks to keep the marks square. Is that correct? Thanks for the help, LaLi.
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    Laser slalom course

    Does anyone have a diagram of the slalom course as used by SFYC? It seems as though I remember Tillman's first book in the 1970s having a slalom diagram, but I may be dreaming that part. Thanks.
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    Like New Acme Carbon Fiber Tiller + Extension

    Is this still available? Thanks.