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    Capri 14.2 for sale

    Central Florida (Ocala area) Asking $1800. 1987 Catalina Capri 14.2 Sailboat complete with tilt trailer. Hull, sails and rigging in good condition. Does not leak! New Sheets on jib and main. New Jib Cars. All hardware for the hiking straps but no straps. New winch and submersible...
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    Help With Hull ID Number...

    Kent replied to my email. My Capri is a 1987 Mod 1. The guy I bought it from lied to me or didn't know. Figures. Still, I love the boat.
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    Help With Hull ID Number...

    OK. Thanks
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    Help With Hull ID Number...

    Who did you email at Catalina. I tried to get the same info on mine and I never got a reply. I think the seller lied to me about the year. He said 1991 with a hull # of 1792. I'm thinking it is older. Thanks,
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    Nice sailing day except for 1 detail

    The heat is the problem down here in Florida as well. Also, I like to sail Lasers. The boom is too low for that kind of confinement. You need to really get down out of the way when you tack or jibe. I know the inflatable is a bit of a risk but it's so darned convenient and cool.
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    Nice sailing day except for 1 detail

    BTW, my wife and I ALWAYS wear life PDFs. Mine is an inflatable with a CO2 cartridge and a blow tube. I wear it around my waist and I hardly even know it's there. My wife likes the security of a full jacket. That's great but it's too confining for me.
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    Nice sailing day except for 1 detail

    Now that's really creepy!
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    Nice sailing day except for 1 detail

    Took my wife and my Mod 1 out on the lake (central Florida) this morning in brisk winds. Forecast was for 12-14 knots and I think it was at least that. The boat was perfect (and fast) and my wife is getting a little more at ease or at least a little less panicky in strong winds so we had a...
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    Wisker Pole

    My Capri does not have a whisker pole. Nor does it seem to have anything on the mast to attach one to. I would love to see a pic of the attachment hardware on the mast and also the pole itself. Super great would be a source for these. Thanks.
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    Greetings from a new 14.2 owner in CT.

    Congrats on the new boat. I just bought a mod 1 myself and am lovin it. Welcome
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    Mod 1 or Mod 2?

    Hatch cover leaking. I'm assuming at this point that I have a mod 1. It has the teak hatch cover and open cuddy. The seal around the hatch seems good and I doubt it would leak very fast. I'm talking about the amount of water that would come in during capsize recovery. My question is this...
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    Mod 1 or Mod 2?

    I just purchased a 1991 Capri 14.2 with hull # 1792. I was under the impression that it was a mod 2. However, after reading this forum for a while, I have concluded that it must be a mod 1. It has an open cuddy and a teak hatch door. Is that conclusive or are there some other differences I...
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    climbing back into the boat from the water

    I just use a line tied to the traveler. It's has a loop for your foot and it's about 4 feet long. Haven't had to use it yet but it should work fine for a step up to climb in over the transom. I think a lot of the guys are doing similar things. Dave
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    Sheet Size

    I just ordered new sheets from Catalina direct. In fact, I have them but not installed yet. They are 3/8". I did this because my sheets were 7/16" and had too much resistance with the jib cars when tacking. I just got my boat and those were the sheets that came with it. I understand that...
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    Just bought 14.2 mod II / Sailing Charlotte Harbor FL

    Home-Made Mast Float OK. This is not going to set well with the folks that like cool looking boats. Here's what I did. I bought 2 swim noodles at Walmart. Cut them up into 6-inch pieces. Stuffed them into a net pouch and I attached that to the main halyard hardware at the attach point...