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    Epoxy shelf life?

    In theory both resin and hardener should have a very long shelf life ( I had the same cans for three years now). This can change dramatically if these are exposed to heat for prolonged period (such as leaving it in the trunck of your car in the middle of summer ) or humidity (if you don't close...
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    Cunningham cleat pulled out

    Make sure you seal it well with 4200 (5200 is even better but it is permanent, so if you think you'll have to remove it one day, don't use it). Check all your other hardware that have screws going through the figerglass. I just finished restoring my 79 Laser and most of the original silicon used...
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    Rivets for top mast plug

    SS have the greater tensile strenght but in this case AL might be sufficient. They are more expensive and harder to find in the right size but worth it for things such as cleats and equipemnt on the boom. Don't worry too much about corrosion on your mast (unless you are on a salty...
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    Boat Names

    I've named mine "Stumbles" for our tendancy to capsize early on our partnership... While "Stumbles" has since calm down... The name stuck.. Ninie
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    Capsize: not on the centerboard

    I'm 39 and after my pregnancy, I was not loosing weight. I had a lot of trouble getting back on board after capsized. In regatta there is always sfety boats but after a couple close call I really started to be worried about training. The what if scenarios came to mind... I tried all the above...
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    single-handed car-topping device...anyone interested?

    Loading / unloading at the Yacht club / marina is relatively easy. There is always somebody around to help. At home is a different matter, got ask the neighbour, a friend or something. Definitely can't do it alone contrarly to what you see in book. My car is not a station wagon so the trunk is...
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    single-handed car-topping device...anyone interested?

    I was wondering the same thing about the capacity of the roof of my car. Bought the car before the Laser, silly me. Civics are not designed to have trailers (this can void the warranty) and I was not ready to change cars as it is brand new and I really like it. Anyway, I ended up writing to...
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    single-handed car-topping device...anyone interested?

    Definitely something interesting. I have an Honda Civic Sedan and doesn't have a trailer. Not a problem if there is people around but alone... It is kind of a chore.Keep us informed...Annie
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    Sailing While Pregnant

    I suppose it depends on how hard you sail your laser. Racing with a 20+ knots wind would be differerent than a "Cottage" ride with a 10Knots... That being said, I sailed a Code 40 and a 420 easily until I reached 16 weeks of pregnancy. I was maybe a little more prudent and pushed the envellope...
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    My hello to all and introduction

    Welcome aboard, this place is a gold mine of knowledge ! Don't be afraid to ask question, it's the best way to learn. You'll love Lasers. Definitely one of the greatest sailboat built. Simple, yet technical. Small and light, yet tremendously capable. Annie
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    Laser sails

    Quick question... How do you know if your laser sail is worn out ? I've read about the stitches and the leech and also about the sail stretching of the clothing which in turn makes the sail "deeper" but how do you measure is ? Annie
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    Laser 1 race ready ?

    Looking at new Laser prices for curiosity, I noticed there is always a "Race Ready" price and another "normal" price. What is the difference between the two ? I know of upgraded vang, cunnighan and outhaul but is it all ? Or is there something more fundamental ? Annie :confused: Laser sail: 69850
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    I'm really getting addicted to Lasers....:p While rigging my sail yesterday, I wondered what was the difference between wood battens and the newer "plastic" one. Which one is the best (I've got 3 plastic, 2 wooden) ? Annie
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    I understand your dilema.... I've read the pro/con of other topic regarding Gelcoat vs Awlgrip. I'm planning to refinish the hull of my 79 Laser this winter. Unfortunately, I can't find Awlgrip paint anywhere around here in Ontario, Canada. Beside gelcoat all I see is Interlux Perfection...
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    Crack on the daggerboard trunk

    Thanks a lot guys... I was always puzzled by this strange bailer apparatus and found it to kind too simple for an otherwise very well thought sailboat. As for the hull, I have intention of redoing it next winter... simply couldn't foresee a full summer thinkeringwith the boat and not sailing...