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    Hurricane Prep

    My Etchells is on its trailer in my backyard. I have some great pictures but no way to upload at the moment. At about 11 am the number of people without power went to 4 million plus one. Estimates are up to a week to restore power. I thought we would be ok but a big tree came down and our...
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    Hurricane Prep

    I wanted to add two more fenders and move a dock line, but the place was locked up tight and I could not get in. I checked the height of the piling, I doubt the storm surge will be high enough to float the dock off, so I was not planning on setting an anchor. I should be fine. Winds will gust to...
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    Hurricane Prep

    Well it seems someone left the Hurricane Magnet on because the storm is tracking, as of today, Friday the 26 at 9Pm, right towards Fairfield County in Connecticut. I thought some of you might be interested in my storm prep. I am actually a bit embarrassed to show you this pictures because my...
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    Problems with the Trailex SUT-200-S

    An Old Thread, but a good one. I will through bolt my brackets and perhaps reinforce the arms with some thicker aluminum plate to prevent the arm from flexing. Clearly this is not a long distance trailer. I wonder if there is a way to mount a suspension system on this trailer. Fortunately I...
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    Bow Handle Repair

    Nice job! Congrats. That is a nicely done project. I'm looking forward to seeing the final result. I would like to order a Stainless Bow handle. I saw a lot of them a few year ago. But none recently. Unfortunately, I have to do a bow handle repair on one of my boats, DIXIE, damaged...
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    sail with a camelback

    DO YOU KNOW WHAT ONE OF THOSE THINGS WEIGHS???? Nothing, in the water. You might actually get some floatation out of it. Reminds me of swimming with my croc's. They are buoyant, which makes up for the poor flipper shape. A Camelback seems like a good idea. I like the bottle port...
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    Sunfishes for Sale

    I decided not to sell these. Sorry I haven't been around to check in. These boats are in such perfect shape and it is hard for me to part with them.
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    Scored a Touchdown - New Aluminum Trailer for free

    Hi nice to see you are alive and kicking. Well it was not exactly free. And I put in a five or six hours into it. Still it was a nice score as I had the time to spare and the materials were not too expensive. It looks so nice I'm debating replacing all the rusted bolts and washers just to...
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    Quaddie Trailer

    I forgot to mention I plan to build boxes to store all the extra gear. I'll be adding five 14" long PVC tubes to store rigs, Or I might have fewer bigger ones with more rigs in each. I'd like to carry at least one extra full rig as a spare. A box to store dagger boards would be compact. One...
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    Quaddie Trailer

    I want a trailer that will haul four Sunfishes, or more. I settled on four, although I might be able to add more on later, that is good enough for now. I want it for a number of reason. One is a good way to store these boats full time. I can shrink wrap the whole thing in the fall and forget...
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    Forum organization

    I am working on a thread for that next. Check out my "Free" Aluminum trailer I restored. The Quaddie Trailer is what I call my four Sunfish hauler. It is not finished but perhaps you can offer some advice as I'm still mulling over options to secure the boats to the trailer.
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    Scored a Touchdown - New Aluminum Trailer for free

    I bought a Red Sunfish from a fellow in a nearby town last year. The one I call Canada. Which I have not worked on at all this year. The fellow and his wife became Facebook friends with me. And we have stayed in touch. He called me an offered me a "free Sunfish". It turned out to be a Sailfish...
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    Hi everyone. I'm back.
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    Forum organization

    I could not log on to this new system. What a PITA. So in any case, I have moved, living in a new place with a bigger shop, but it needs lots of work. I broke my arm, and have been traveling, looking to buy a big catamaran for charter. So, in any case, I'm back. Lately I've been...