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    For Sale New Zhik Power Pads size 6

    Brand new, never used Zhik Power Pads for sale, size 6 (XL or XXL) These are the best aids to hike very long and hard. You pull them on your legs under any type of pants, shorts, wetsuit, whatever. :cool: Please send me an e-mail to discuss.
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    Wanted Nexus 103RE

    Looking for a used Nexus 103RE Please let me know.
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    Masters North Americans in NC - looking for room mate

    I have a hotel room with two beds in Wrightsville, for Thursday 5/14 - 5/17 if anyone needs a place to stay. $50 per night. I am driving from Raleigh/Durham Airport around noon on Thursday, anyone need a ride?
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    Masters North American boat transport from Chicago to Wrightsville

    I am looking for a way to transport my boat back and forth from Chicago to the race, can anyone from the Chicago area help?
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    can lasers handle Lake Michigan?

    Jon: Sailing on Lake Michigan is a blast, come out for frostbiting in Belmont Harbor in Chicago Sunday mornings, or sail with the active fleet in Milwaukee, see you on the water
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    Sail Trim overview

    Jive: I am not the right guy to give you advice, just got back into the boat after 25 years (probably the age of your grandpa), and I am 50 lbs too heavy and quite slow. I read something on forum that led me to this siite, it is Fred's website (thanks Fred!), he has some awesome pictures of...
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    Sail Trim overview

    Rooster sailing has a lot of tips, but as chainsaw mentions, you have to try it and see what works for you.
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    Best way to take sheet and tiller extension with you when tacking

    In the video from Rooster it shows the sailor turning facing backwards, I have never done it that way and I am glad you mentioned to always turn facing fore.
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    Best way to take sheet and tiller extension with you when tacking

    Thanks I'll start practicing that
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    Best way to take sheet and tiller extension with you when tacking

    Hello: First time back in the Laser since 1980, and I know there was a specific way I used to take the tiller and sheet to the new high side, but can't remember and I keep fumbling it. Does anyone have a good resource where I can read about, or see a picture of an optimized tack, I know the...
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    Looking for race ready Laser

    Don: Not sure it is worth it to drive 6 hours to get it, I am buying a 2006 boat sailed one weekend loaded with Dolly and brand new sales for 4700 including 2 year waranty
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    Looking for race ready Laser

    Don: How old are the sails, are there any extra's like dolly, bottom or top covers? Niels Heemskerk
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    Looking for race ready Laser

    Want to get back into the class and looking for a reasonably new boat in good shape. Ready to buy now. Call me 312-203-4108